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The consumed component of Transcendent Pneumatic Alleviator.


Types of ash

There are 4 types of ash, white, grey, black, and leached. They don't mix.

  • White ash comes from vampires in Escrow and braziers in Ephebe.
  • Grey ash is commonly found in smithies all over.
  • Black ash is available from smithies in Djelibeybi.
  • Leached ash is a product of making lye from other types of ash, and can still be used as a component.

It is easier to organise and handle a single type of ash. Grey ash is the more popular type among new and old players, but players who can handle vampires can be partial to them, given that each vampire disintegrates into roughly 1 bucketful of ash upon their death.

Readily available

> get ash from stone circle
  • A campfire near Pekan Ford.
  • A similar campfire that's far more dangerous to reach. Also, druids might want you to burn on it.
  • Escrow (from is highly suggested that one waits until after the sun come up)
  • There's about a handful of grey ash at the Djelibeybi/Istanzia carriage stop on Klatch road
  • The smithy on Elm Street, Ankh-Morpork; twenty handfuls.
  • The Khemnet's smithy off Scarab Walk: ten handfuls every room spawn (~20 mins of uptime)
  • A campfire on east side of Bleak Prospect; one handful.
  • Braziers in Ephebe at the Dockside Market. Lit braziers at night create ash. If it is early evening, one might have to wait awhile for ash to be created.

Sweep ashes with broom

For the following you'll need a broom. Buy one, or you can get one from the monks in Bes Pelargic or the housemaids in Djelibeybi.

You hold a small ornamental broom in your left hand.
You sweep some ashes out of the forge with your broom.
The ash lands in a neat little pile as it hits the ground.
  • Baldwin "the Disemboweler" MacAvrik's smithy on Filigree Street; I'm going to use a colloquial term here - hella lot of ash.
  • The smithy in the Bes Pelargic L-space Bubble; ten handfuls.
  • Grill on west side of Genua park; several bucketfuls
  • Smithy on the northern half of Hypothetical Road in Ephebe

Gather/Palm ash

Once in a pile on the floor, you can "gather" the pile of ash, which places it all in your inventory. The ash can then be placed into a suitable container in one go. However, once inside a container (such as a backpack), you cannot retrieve more than a handful of ash at a time without using the Palm command (i.e. "palm <number> handful(s) of ash from <container>"). Naturally you must have learnt the command first and have sufficient covert.points to do it. Ash can also be targeted by the "bucketful". If the container containing the ash has been identified as a "component pouch", spells that require ash as the component will automatically bring out the required amount of ash without the addition of an alias to do it.

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