Artefact Inquisition

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Artefact Inquisition
Ritual information
Deities all
Type Miscellaneous
Base GP cost 20
Components none
Required powers none

Artefact Inquisition is a priest ritual performed on a holy item. It tells you which deity was worshipped by the priest who bestowed the ritual in to the item.


This ritual costs 20 gp. It is performed on holy items and has three steps.


This ritual is learned at 30

Performing messages

> perform artefact inquisition on baton
You close your eyes in serene meditation. 
You silently pray to Gufnork to help you understand the journey a dull grey baton has taken. 
You humbly beseech Gufnork to enlighten you. 
You study the dull grey baton, and come to realise that longsight was bestowed by a member of the church of Gapp.

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