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The following is a list of archived scripts written by players for performance at the Dysk Theatre.

Script Name Author Genre Premiere Date
The Lucky Bastard Part I: Destiny and Doom Fewms
The Lucky Bastard Part II: Death and Darkness Fewms
The Lucky Bastard Part III: Daring and Deliverance Fewms
The Illiot Yase
Rosemary's Psalm Quellcrist
Djohnny Klatchian Part I Quellcrist
Djohnny Klatchian Part II Quellcrist
Sealed with a Kiss Nvader
Another Day at the Boneyard Magnus
A Failing Novice Tariki
Flyman Liliwen
The Manor Mattias
Song of Earth and Fire Manutius
King Flufflebert Sleet
A Short Life Rauna
Hogswatch: moments of joy Rauna Holiday Poetry
Nelle, Bile and Dave too Sleet
Nelle and Bile's Bogus Adventure Sleet
The Cure for Boredom Sleet
Hunt For Experience Toffee
The show must Goat on Hipwigla Avant-garde
Widdershinsworld [ Vol 1: The Dream] Noshoes Fantasy Drama 2022/07/05
Prime Money Tremulo Financial Drama 2022/07/21
Wait, What? Tremulo Improv Comedy 2022/08/27
Take Two Tremulo Avant-garde 2022/10/12
A Sto Lat Romance Tremulo Romantic Comedy 2022/11/18
First Annual Children's Hogswatch Program from the Semi-Ecumenical Shelter for Wayward Children in Rimwards Morpork Tremulo Holiday Concert 2022/12/18
Hunghung Stories Zorelain Anthology Comedy Drama 2023/04/07
Hex Writes A Play Tremulo Satirical Comedy 2023/04/23
Moloki Hibiscus Tremulo Drama 2023/12/10

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