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Appraise is an innate command that gives you some basic information about an item or a place.

Appraise <item>

When used on an item, it gives you this information:

  • The material it's made out of
  • Its colour
  • Its length and width
  • Whether you can wear it
  • Whether you can hold it
  • Whether it can be placed as furniture
  • How much it can hold (both weight and number of items) if it's a container
  • What type of weapon it is, if it's a weapon (but not the other information that judge gives)
  • Its condition

You can generally only appraise an item if you are carrying it, but not wearing it. The exception is furniture, which you can also appraise if it's on the floor in the room you're in.

Appraise here

"Appraise here" will give you some information about the room you're in:

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