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Warning.png WARNING: This page contains spoilers about teas also known as potions.
Antivenom tea
Potion information
Other names Antidote tea
Effect Cures poison.
Brewed yes
Glance brewed elixir
Look This is an octarine elixir.
basil ... fennel ... ground arachnid
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  • A more potent antivenom potion requires the drinker to imbibe less in order to cure poisons.
  • Drinking a sufficient quantity of antivenom tea will cure the drinker of all poisons they are suffering from, including:
    • Assassin manufactured poison that do not work instantanously, for instance Bloat and Achorion Purple.
    • Poisoned apples.
    • Giant spider venom.
    • Scorpion sting.
    • Spoiled or otherwise unhealthy foodstuff.
  • The poisons that can be cured with antivenom usually cause stat damage, health points drain or both.
  • The cure is instantaneous on drinking, the poison's effects cease to apply.
  • It does not provide any protection against future poisoning - this is a cure, not a vaccine.
  • A sufficient quantity must be drank in one go in order to get the effect - if it takes 3/100 of a bottle to cure, then drinking 2/100 twice will not work.


Ingredient 1:

Has a strong smell.
Often used in italian cuisine and in southeast Asia.
Called the king of herbs.

Ingredient 2:

An herbal tea can be made from it.
An ingredient of absinthe.
It has yellow flowers.

Ingredient 3:

An arthropod.
Slightly squished is the preferred state.
Too many legs.
Definitely not the giant kind.


Has covalent bonds in its molecular structure.
Exists thanks to hydrogen bonds.
It has bifurcated and over-coordinated hydrogen bonds.

Ethel Applebaum says:

The order you put the ingredients in the vessel matters!
Ethel Applebaum exclaims: You know, if you take a spider, grind it up well, and make a tea of it with basil and another herb - oh, dang I forget the name - it makes a powerful poison antidote!


If it doesn't work add ingredients in a different order.

1. grind basil (ground basil)
2. grind fennel (ground fennel)
3. grind spider (ground arachnid)
4. mix ground basil with water (green-blue tea)
6. add ground arachnid (brown tea)
5. add ground fennel (octarine elixir)
7. brew (brewed elixir)