Anti-blind tea

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Warning.png WARNING: This page contains spoilers about teas also known as potions.
Anti-blind tea
Potion information
Other names Perception tea / Blindness tea
Effect Prevents blindness, increases perception.
Brewed yes
Glance yellow-orange tea
Look  ?
eyebright ... carrot ... ?vorpal bunny eyes?
(highlight to see)

Please report back if you manage to make this tea! We must be doing something wrong. Or it's not possible to make this tea, but if we don't try we'll never know.



Ethel Applebaum says:

Ethel Applebaum says: Eyebright and carrots does wonders for your eyesight dearie, although, of course...
Ethel Applebaum says: Oh, and add some eyes of the cotton-tailed fiends that eat the cabbages in the paddocks as it improves the flavour.


1. grind eyebright (ground eyebright)
2. grind carrot (ground carrot)
3. mix ground eyebright, ground carrot and the eyes in ? (water doesn't dissolve the ingredients, or you need special eyes)