Anseriform brooch

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An anseriform brooch.


Cunningly wrought in the shape of an extremely stylised duck, this brooch is a fine example of traditional Hublandish zoomorphic metalwork.  Its form shows the influence of the far-faring sea raiders who sail the whale-road to the shores of the Rim Ocean, returning laden with the gold and treasure of (in this case) an Ordporian monastery.  The deft-handed smiths of the Hubland folk have adapted the holy Flying Duck into a beautiful brooch, neck arched to gather a fold of cloth, broad tail and stubby wings decorated with rich blue-green enamel.
It is in <condition> condition.


It is made of gold and appears to be a piece of jewellery.  It is in <condition> condition.


You heft the anseriform brooch and guess that it weighs less than a pound.

When weighing it at a jeweller's balance:

The anseriform brooch weighs 50 g.


Hublandish barbarian