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Welcome to Ankh-Morpork. Think of this city as an irregular target made up of somewhat concentric rings of streets and cross-streets. With the Mended Drum as starting point, this page will attempt to orient you to a bit about how the city is laid out.

South of the River (Morpork)

The Mended Drum is at the North end of Short Street which is the North South 6 o'clock line if you think of the city as a clock. Short Street begins in the south at the Widdershins Gate at Endless Street and proceeds in a straight line north to the Mended Drum approximately 4/5 of the way to the centre of the city which is in the middle of the Isle of Gods surrounded by God's Collar.

Along Short Street main streets intersect forming their target rings at:

  • Filigree Street – location of the Mended Drum . It runs both East and West from Short Street
  • God Street about ¾ of the way between the centre of the city and Endless Street also running both East and West from Short Street
  • The next ring out at approximately ½ of the way from the centre is Attic Bee St to the West of Short Street and Street of Small Gods to the East of Short street forming a N,W,S,E intersection.
  • Proceeding South on Short Street you’ll come to the intersection of Street of Cunning Artificers crossing going east and West of Short Street.
  • Next comes the intersection with Ettercap Street going off to the West and Merchant's Street to the east.
  • And finally comes Endless street that circles the entire city.

All these streets extend pretty much to the 7 o'clock and 4:30/5:00 positions of the city map. Some extend further as you'll see when we look at those lines as they come out from the centre.

The South East Quarter

You can begin exploring by going East on Filigree to find the little shop located just 2 rooms east of the Drum entrance (on the south side of the street). This is where you can trade the voucher you get as a newbie for a talker. One more room east puts you outside a General Store (again on the south side of the street) where you can sell things you don't need for some cash, and buy things others have sold if needed. The General Store is 3 E and 1 S from outside the Drum door.

From outside the General Store going E, E, NE you'll find yourself at the eastern end of Filigree Street, with the courtyard of the Assassins' Guild to your south. The Thieves' Guild is nearby if you continue northeast onto the Street of Alchemists, and due east is the Patrician's Palace. North of the palace, you can follow the Street of Alchemists or Peach Pie Street to head north, leading to a witch's cottage (witch guild facilities) and the river.

Widdershins Broadway encircles the SW half of the Palace, along which you can find an intersection with God Street, the Post Office, the Ephebian Embassy, and a branch of the Lancre Co-op bank.

Turnwise Broadway encircles the NE half of the Palace. Of note along this road is the entrance to the Palace, a wide street named the Maul, and a little intersection leading to Nella's Vault, where you can store items. The entrance to the Palace Guard (a warrior guild) headquarters is located where Turnwise and Widdershins Broadways connect, at the SE of the Palace.

The Maul leads northeast from the Palace into the Plaza of Broken Moons, an open area with shops around it. A tannery sits on the west side of the plaza, where you can buy leather items including backpacks, and leatherwork damaged leather items. The Cham, another wide street, leads north of the plaza onto Sator Square - another wide area, smaller than the plaza. On the west side of Sator Square is the Unseen University (wizards guild), and on the east side is the Magical Emporium, a collection of shops selling magic-related things.

Heading southeast from the Palace (where the entrance to the Palace Guard headquarters is) takes you along Upper Broadway, which leads southeast to an intersection with Endless Street and the Hubwards Gate. Near this is the Pepper Pot and Salt Shaker. Along the way is a branch of the Bing bank, and intersections with the Street of Cunning Artificers, Esoteric Street, Merchants Street and Treacle Street. Esoteric Street leads to the Apex Club and connects to Vagabond Street, on which the Weapon Masters Court (a warrior guild) is located.

The South West Quarter

If you travel 2 W from outside the Drum you'll find the Smithy on the N side of the street where you can fix your weapons if you have some skills and the fix command (or ask someone else to help you). From outside the smithy, going W, W, SW, NW, W W You will find yourself in the Illuminated Teapot where witches sell their healing tea among other things you won't be able to do without.

The southwest quarter of Ankh-Morpork does not contain any guilds or crucial shops/services, so only the main features will be described here. If you travel down Short Street and head west at Ettercap Street, following it NW (remember the 'target' shape of the city) will bisect this quarter of the city. Ettercap Street will turn into Goose Gate Road, and then hit the Five Ways intersection, around the middle of the southwest quarter.

From Five Ways...

  • West will take you along Quarry Lane (troll town) until you hit Sticken Place, a small courtyard at the west end of Elm Street.
  • Northwest will take you along The Pitts, which ends at an intersection with the middle of Elm Street.
  • Northeast will take you along Quirm Street, which contains a custom clothing store and ends at an intersection with the west end of God Street.
  • Southwest will take you along The Hippo, which leads southwest to an intersection with Endless Street and the Onion Gate.
  • Southeast will take you along Goose Gate Road and back to Ettercap Street.

Elm Street runs east/west and connects to several other key streets in the area. At its west end, Sticken Place, you can head north onto Chittling Street which turns into Cockbill Street. The entrance to the Shades is here - a dangerous and hard to navigate area. The Shades take up a large chunk of space in this section, with Cockbill/Chittling bordering it on the west, Elm Street bordering it to the south, the river bordering it to the north, and Treacle Mine Road (which heads north at the end of Elm Street) bordering it to the east.

Other areas of note in this quarter of the city are Little Agatea (head down The Hippo and then go northwest onto Whopping Street when you hit Parsnip Place) and Cheesemongers Yard (continue up Whopping Street until you see an exit to the southwest).

Heading west/southwest from the west end of Elm Street leads to the Shambling Gate, with intersections with Whopping Street and Endless Street (amongst others) on the way.

North of the River (Ankh)

Coming Soon!

Explore and remember that your Godmother can always bring you back to the Mended Drum if needed.