Ankh-Morpork Palace Guard

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AM Palace Guard HQ map by Kefka updated for Quow's Cow Bar


Devoted to protecting the Patrician and his staff, the brave men and women who join the Ankh-Morpork Palace Guard often find themselves in tense situations involving silly uniforms, irate diplomats, and impatient superiors. Although formerly a division of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, they considered themselves too elite for that and formed their own branch. As such, the job usually attracts recruits that look good in uniform, follow orders, and avoid taking initiative as much as possible while on the job.


The headquarters of the Palace Guard is located at the Patrician's Palace, near the Broadway Fork between Upper Broadway and Widdershins Broadway in the midst of the city of Ankh-Morpork

Playing Style

The Ankh-Morpork Palace Guard is mainly focussed on fighting-based primary skills. Many of the old warrior's guild primary skills have been inherited by the Palace Guard.

This will appeal to Numberchasers and those interested in playing styles involving heavy armour and fighting with swords/heavy-sword/maces and flails.


Joining the guild is a fairly simple task, achieved by typing 'join' when you enter the lobby of the Palace Guard HQ where Robert Hatchett is at.

Upon joining, he will give you a booklet detailing information about the Palace Guard that you can read.


You can learn new commands and advance your skills in the Palace Guard Training Area where Sergeant Bacchus resides.

Typing 'help here' will show you a list of commands you can use to learn and advance skills. Type 'say teach me please' in this room to see if you can learn new commands.


The Palace Guard offers several rooms/facilities:

  • The Palace Guard Smithy where you can fix weapons, armours and tools.
  • The Palace Guard Training Area where you can advance skills and learn commands from Sergeant Bacchus.
  • The Palace Guard Armoury where Corporal Shiggs sells a wide range of shields, armours, swords, mace and flails.
    • Anybody can also purchase items here, regardless of guild
    • Palace Guards will get 10% off on the price of each item
  • The arena for armed combat where you can challenge various levels of heroes to practise your fighting against ranging from novice to normal to advanced to master.
    • You can type 'help here' in this room to learn more.
    • If your health is low from fighting the dummy heroes, leave the room so you don't risk death.
    • This room is only helpful before you have guild-maxed a main melee and defence skill.
    • You can gain experience and trigger TMs here as well.
    • You will notice that you are too strong for a certain challenge level if the dummy hero runs away without engaging in combat.
  • Palace Guard message room has a bulletin board with news and messages from warriors and Palace Guards.
    • Type 'look board' to see what messages are on there.
    • You can type 'read [number of message]' to see what a person has written.
    • Type 'help board' to learn more.

Items sold here

Corporal Shiggs sells a range of items at the Palace Guard Armoury useful for new to intermediate-level warriors:

Newbie chest

The Palace Guard's newbie chest is an old beer barrel at the Pain in the Neck. The barrel can be accessed by Non-Palace Guard warriors as well.

Upon entering the Pain in the Neck, the bartender will greet you with a greeting befitting of your guild level in the Palace Guard.