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Captain Angua (recently promoted from the Sergeant rank) is an especially feared watchman of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch.

Captain Angua.

This is Captain Angua of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch.  She is a far cry from your average watch officer.  It could be that her breastplate has been strategically hammered out in places, or the mass of ash blonde hair that her helmet fails to cover.  From the look of her you would assume that people would queue up to be arrested, however most people of the criminal nature seem to take great strides in avoiding her. Perhaps it's that wild glint in her eyes.
She is in good shape.
Wearing : a pair of metal clad boots, a pair of leather gloves, a brown leather pleated skirt, a hammered breastplate, a metal helm and a dog collar.

At night Angua appears as a blonde wolf. This does not prevent her from placing you under arrest and fighting fiercely.

A blonde wolf.

This is not your usual kind of wolf.  For one it has a blonde coat, which around its ears is almost long enough to be a mane.  There is also a hint of intelligence in its eyes.
It is in good shape.
Wearing : a dog collar.

The blonde wolf exclaims: In the name of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch I'm placing you, Player, under arrest for seven instances of murder and two instances of attacking an officer of the Watch. Give up at once!
The blonde wolf pursues you.

Angua is a werewolf, which means that she can break your leg in combat including if you attempt to resist arrest.

  • No matter how many times human Angua kicks you, she can never break both legs.
  • Broken legs are not fixed by the watch. You will have to splint, request help or crawl your way to the doctor.
  • Floaters protect against leg breaking, but bug shield does not, though it might help.
  • As with other werewolves she cannot be harmed by fire based spells including Pragi's Fiery Gaze or Pragi's Lost Gaze.

Along with her boyfriend and fellow watchman Captain Carrot, she is notoriously difficult to kill, mostly due to her leg breaking habits which seriously damages fighting abilities. Her pursuing skills are formidable.

It's highly recommended to 'give up' immediately, if you are ever arrested by her unless well prepared.