Alignment Templates

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These are all of the templates used in the List of NPC Alignments.

({{None}}): Unpredictable alignment/very wide range/unknown alignment
    ({{Indented None}}): Same, but indented.
({{Extra Evil}}): More than five degrees evil
    ({{Indented Extra Evil}}): Same, but indented.
({{Evil}}): One to five degrees evil
    ({{Indented Evil}}): Same, but indented.
({{Neutral}}): Neutral or narrow range centered on neutral
    ({{Indented Neutral}}): Same, but indented.
({{Good}}): One to five degrees good
    ({{Indented Good}}): Same, but indented.
({{Extra Good}}): More than five degrees good
    ({{Indented Extra Good}}): Same, but indented.
({{None}}), ({{Also Extra Good}}), ({{Also Good}}), ({{Also Neutral}}), ({{Also Evil}}), ({{Also Extra Evil}}), ({{Also None}}): Several on the same line, if they really need to be.