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Alcohol! For the most part, it's found in beer, wine, and other such drinks, but there are one or two other alcoholic things.

Consuming alcohol, by whatever means, either makes you drunk or makes you less knurd if you were knurd to begin with.


Alcohol, and drunkenness, has a few uses:


Alcoholic drinks

The most common by far, alcoholic drinks can be found all over the place. Most commonly, you can buy them in pubs by the glass, but there are a few other places.

These are the types of alcohol available:

All volumes listed are approximate, and based off of what you see if you look at the glass after buying it. Alcohol is usually sold in these kinds of glasses:

  • shot glass: holds 2 tbsp
  • wine glass or cocktail glass: hold 6 oz
  • tumbler or half-pint glass: hold 1 cup
  • brandy glass: holds 2 cups, may be mostly empty with 2 tbsp instead
  • pint glass: holds 1 pint
  • tankard: holds 2 pints

Bottles normally hold one or two pints.

You can also create alcoholic drinks with the spell Wurphle's Midnight Snack, which will allow you to summon ale, beer, dark chocolate liqueur, mead, red wine, or whiskey, among other things.

Alcoholic foods

Scumble-flavoured chocolates from a sweet shop in Bes Pelargic contain a small amount of alcohol.

Chewy absinthe bottles from a sweetie shop in Genua are alcoholic, but only barely. Eating two bottles is enough to make you drunk enough for Cure Drunkenness to work, but it wears off quickly enough that the ritual can't be finished because you are not drunk.


There are alcoholic fumes in the storeroom of the inn in Razorback, and breathing them (that is, staying in the room) can make you drunk.

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