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Nadow is a witch in Ankh-Morpork that will tempt adventurers with apples. Mostly poisoned apples.

Ahtued is Nadow's trusty giant fruitbat.

Ahtued the giant fruitbat is flying above the ground here and Nadow is standing here.

Nadow is a large, buxom woman.  Something about her suggests she's a magic user.  It might be the warts, it might be something in her eyes, or it might be that the last guy to upset her now resides in a pond in his own garden, and says 'Ribbit!', occasionally.
She is in good shape.
She is standing.
You can't help but notice twelve warts upon her face.
Holding : a broomstick (left hand and right hand).
Wearing : a pair of hobnailed boots, a heavy woollen blanket and a witch's pointy hat.
(under) : a black cotton dress.
Carrying: a cured juicy nectarine and an orchard basket.

This is Ahtued, Nadow's trusty fruitbat.  People say Nadow and Ahtued initially couldn't stand each other, but these days neither could live without the other.
He is in good shape.
He is flying above the ground here.
He looks well-fed.
Carrying: a cured green kiwifruit, a cured juicy nectarine, a cured green succulent pear, a cured overripe plum, a cured juicy peach, a cured yellow banana, a cured small perky apricot and a cured large pomelo.
Nadow exclaims: Wotcher!
Nadow exclaims: Lawks! What a fine looking adventurer!
Nadow waggles her basket alluringly.
Nadow says: I am but a feeble old seller of apples. Pray take and eat one, dearie.
Nadow holds out a slightly rotten Green Billet apple to you but you resist the temptation to take it.
A passing merchant avoids eye contact with Nadow.


They can usually be found around Short Street not too far from Dogbottler, but have also been known to wander around other areas of Ankh-Morpork


  • Players who do not have a high magic.methods.spiritual.abjuring bonus or do not have a high resistance to tempting from the effect of Banishing of Unnatural Urges should avoid eye contact with Nadow and also leave the room as Nadow may tempt you with a poisoned apple that will poison you.
  • Note that even with both of these protections Nadow can still successfully tempt you, there is some randomness to it.
  • If poisoned, players won't die but their stats and hit points will be reduced and induce vomiting. See poisoned apple for more information.
  • By itself, at worst, poisoned apples will leave you with 1hp, but any other damage could then kill you.
  • Drink Antidote tea to cure the poison or wait it out.

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