Agnes Nitt's cottage

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Agnes Nitt's cottage (formerly Magrat Garlick's cottage) is just to the east of Mad Stoat, and has rather miscellaneous stock of useful witch items.


The following NPCs are to be found at Agnes' cottage:

  • Agnes Nitt moves around inside and outside the cottage.
  • A small mouse is in the cottage.


The following facilities are available at Agnes' cottage:

  • There is a mirror in the cottage, which can be used to examine oneself.
  • A grinder in the kitchen can be used to grind herbs.
  • A well and pump in the kitchen serve as a water source.


Other items of interest

  • The shelf in the kitchen has several bottles on it.
  • Goodie Whemper's research notes on tricks can be found on a shelf in the scullery.
  • There is a bizarre collection of preserved frogs in the scullery.
  • Additional (non-component) herbs in the garden include: