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These are the titles that are granted by completing missions for your Agatean family.

The information included is the basic portion of the title bequeathed - as an example, a rank 6 witch in the Tangs may be 'Housemaid of the Tang Househould'. A rank 3 warrior in the Hongs may be a 'Militia Leader of the Hong Territories'. A rank 2 priest in the Fangs may be a 'Lofty Lama of House Fang', while a ninja of the same house and rank would be 'Feeble Finisher of the House Fang Ninja'. A fool might be 'of the House Fang Performers'.

Information is currently incomplete for certain houses/guild/rank combinations. Please update if you have kept track.

You can also see the titles from this page transcluded into one big table.

The family title you get is based on the number of missions you've successfully completed, minus the number that you have failed. Ie, if you succeed 5 missions and then fail one, your total number of completed missions is now 4. You get the first title as soon as you've joined a family. Your title shows up when you're wearing your family crest, and it's updated when you either wear your crest or ask for a new title from your family mission NPC.

Rank Number of missions
1 0-3
2 3-7
3 8-11
4 12-18
5 19-26
6 27-36
7 37-49
8 50-66
9 67-88
10 89-116
11 117-152
12 153-199
13 200-259
14 260-400?
15 400?+

House Fang

Rank Assassin Priest Thief Warrior Witch Wizard Fool
1 Amateuric Asphyxiator Hopeless Mandarin Stumbling Scammer Moustache Greaser Daft Girl Wyrm Food Clumsy Unicyclist
2 Feeble Finisher Lofty Lama Fumbling Fabricator Firepit Cleaner Silly Wench Scaled Hatchling Amateur Cartwheeler
3 Effete Eliminator Sublime Sadhu Doubtful Deceiver Armour Distributor Flipping Filly Small Lizard Flexible Contortionist
4 Exhausted Exterminator Memorable Maharishi Pseudo Calligrapher Boot Shiner Deranged Daughter Insolent Gecko ?
5 Nurtured Neutraliser Renowned Rimpoche Carbon Copier Fur Hat Distributor Mental Minx Flaming Errol ?
6 Caltrop Thrower August Ascetic Embezzling Engraver Yurt Builder Wild Harridan Little Wyrm ?
7 Seasoned Strangler Commendable Karmapa Imitative Impostor Camp Healer Frenzied Jezebel Singing Snapdragon ?
8 Proficient Purger Elite Exquisitor Mimicking Knave Muscled Bowman Screaming Virago Hatchling Defender ?
9 Learned Liquidator Peerless Pundit Crooked Confidence Man Screaming Horseman Vicious Vixen Dragon Slave ?
10 Swordsmith Top Tulku Dodgy Defrauder Talented Man Crazed Beldam Baby Dragon ?
11 Shuriken Master Memorable Maharishi Secretive Swindler Vanguard Rider Vengeful Fury Serpent Sensei ?
12 Illusion Master Shining Swami Furtive Fraud Horsemaster Mad Harpy Masterful Drake ?
13 Theatre Master ? Master Falsifier Camp Leader Meddlesome Medusa Dragon Tamer ?
14 Stealth Master ? Master Forger Horde Leader Untamed Shrew Wyrm Catcher ?
15 General Grand Yogi Lord Counterfeiter Dog of War Raving Crone Dragonlord ?

House Hong

Rank Assassin Priest Thief Warrior Witch Wizard Fool
1 Pawn Appointed Spanker Silent Carrier Swift Scout Negotiating Niece Rippled Wafer ?
2 Hound Delegated Flagellator Dockmaster Briber Communications Officer Forewarning Friend Convoluted Outline ?
3 Hireling Acolyte Invigilator Rum Runner Militia Leader Cautioning Cousin Crumpled Swan ?
4 Stalker Chosen Maledictor Water Buffalo Rustler Ambassador of Inebriation Guiding Sister Crunched Mayfly ?
5 Mercenary Devout Proscriber Twilight Dockworker Trusted Lieutenant Perceptive Pathfinder Enchanting Lantern ?
6 Shadow Behavioural Overseer Literary Fence Provincial Commander Esteemed Mentor Shaking Leaf ?
7 Eye Damnation Assurer Taxation Evader Force Commander Truthsayer Abstract Aardvark ?
8 Interrogator Consigned Immurer Safe Path Finder Dogmeat General Revered Aunt Enfolded Flower ?
9 Manipulator Inquisition Archivist Contraband Trader Master Hawker Wisewoman Plaited Leaf ?
10 Probe Penitence Scrutiniser Shadowy Buccaneer Calm Tactician Proctor Alabaster Corrugation ?
11 Seeker Absolution Prohibitor Wall Tunneler Contemplative Strategist Counselling Matron Enchased Pearl ?
12 Tracer Conscience Auditor Established Privateer Young Marshal Honoured Mother Oblivion Folder ?
13 Inquirer Inquisition Prolocutor Midnight Navigator Model Governor Revered Mother Creased Monkey ?
14 Hand Confessor General Moonlight Junk Captain Old Marshal Jade Marshal Honoured Grandmother Handfolded Homily ?
15 Agent Grand Inquisitor Snakehead Warlord of the Hong Territories ? Paper Elephant ?

House McSweeney

Rank Assassin Priest Thief Warrior Witch Wizard Fool
1 Carcinogenic Concierge Profane Reciter Faltering Cashier Armed Babysitter Frenzied Hen Disrupted Debenture Dry Dimwit
2 Baneful Proprietor Faithful Referee Pilfering Purser Hostile Housesitter Bairn Charmer Ink Spiller Sober Stooge
3 Grimful Promoter Chaste Arbiter Treasonous Teller Sassy Bouncer Faerie Woman Stained Registrar Bantom Boozer
4 Grievous Handler Doctrinal Counsellor Backhanded Bean Counter Belligerent Herder Maiden Quill Chewer Lightweight Lush
5 Internecine Contractor Zealous Advisor Purloining Collector Ambitious Watchman Spinner Scroll Shuffler Befuddled Buffoon
6 Unrelenting Undertaker Hallowed Guide Conning Clerk Reckless Escort Alotter Thaum Counter Blitzed Bozo
7 Sinister Steward Holy Moderator Burgling Bookkeeper Quarrelsome Guardian Banshee Postulating Provoker Muddled Mime
8 Serpentine Supervisor Orthodox Mediator Appropriating Actuary Voracious Defender Inevitable Enchanted Enumerator Drunk Dolt
9 Ominous Organiser Blessed Chancellor Cunning Calculator Warlike Protector Raven Matron Kanji Convoker Inebriated Imbecile
10 Cutthroat Controller Devout Jurist Rapacious Reckoner Brutal Warden Old Biddy Syntactic Scribe Flushed Fool
11 Wrackful Overseer Pious Arbitrator Masterful Moneychanger Merciless Custodian Battle Crow Octarine Economist Cooked Comedian
12 ? Godly Lawspeaker Furtive Banker Vicious Sentry Clan Mother Demon Manager Juiced Joker
13 ? Angelic Magistrate Filching Financial Officer Resident Securer Ugly Crone Thaumic Taxmaster Plastered Prankster
14 ? Reverent Judge ? Personal Bodyguard Cailleach Arcane Archivist Tanked Troubadour
15 Baleful Administrator Righteous Justice ? Chief Security Officer Wyrd Sister Family Lawyer Wasted Wag

House Sung

Rank Assassin Priest Thief Warrior Witch Wizard Fool
1 Attenuate Apprentice Confused Communer Eavesdropper Stable Hand Weedwalker Pitiful Pansy Bit Player
2 Barbed Bookworm Distracted Disciple Sculpture Scope Gardener Wood Gatherer Problematic Poppy ?
3 Blowpipe Bickerer Baffled Beholder Aesthetic Appropriator Armoury Hand Tea Girl Ragged Rhododendron ?
4 Thorny Thinker Addled Self-Analyst Bootleg Buff Novice Apprentice Herbalist Narcissistic Sunflower ?
5 Clear-Cut Critic Sacramental Speculator Fossil Thief Fletcher Moon Meditator Cherry Blossom Charmer ?
6 Venomous Virtuoso Blissful Brooder Fashionable Fence Sword Master Earth Enchantress Winsome Wysteria ?
7 Blighting Belletrist Consecrated Considerer Intellectual Informant Spear Master Hypnotherapist Sakura Summoner ?
8 Keen-Edged Cognoscente Deific Deliberator Pirate Collector Equestrian Master Potion Brewer Devious Delphinium ?
9 Suffocating Sophist Paramount Ponderer Backstairs Art Mover Archery Master Talisman Maker Mellow Orchid ?
10 Acuate Arbiter Supernatural Scrutinator Moonshine Art Critic Tea Ceremony Master Humble Herbwoman Fanciful Fleur-de-Lis ?
11 Piked Professor Rapturous Ruminator Artistic Transship Master Dance Instructor House Healer Cunning Chrysanthemum ?
12 Lethal Lecturer Religious Reflector Art Acquisition Agent Literature Instructor Midwife Prestigious Periwinkle ?
13 Puncturing Persuader Soul Searcher Composition Confiscator Go-Master Research Witch Wistful Willow ?
14 Double-Edged Debater Celestial Contemplator Contraband Curator Master Poet Accupuncturist Sorcerous Snowdrop ?
15 Piercing Philosopher Meditation Master Art Dealer Head Healing Spirit Sagely Lotus ?

House Tang

Rank Assassin Priest Thief Warrior Witch Wizard Fool
1 Bloody Blamer Fortune Teller Evident Espionage Arcane Brawler Scullery Maid Modest Mandrake ?
2 Unrelenting Nagger Palm Reader Conspicuous Lookout Imaginary Demagogue Kitchen Maid Plump Duck ?
3 Catastrophic Checker Tea-Leaf Reader Uncovered Intelligencer Anagogic Enlisted Still Room Maid Humble Sparrow ?
4 Ruinous Muzzler Caroc Reader Apparent Agent Etherial Scrapper Laundry Maid Flittering Sparrow ?
5 Intense Revisor Medium Somewhat Secret Agent Supernatural Soldier Between Maid Furrowed Finch ?
6 Malevolent Editor Horoscopist Surreptitious Observer Otherworldly Officer Housemaid Chromatic Goose ?
7 Slaughterous Restyler Spiritualist Artful Codebreaker Hermetic Hero Chamber Maid Mighty Falcon ?
8 Murderous Maligner Clairvoyant Unseen Mole Psychic Vanquisher Parlour Maid Foolish Oregano ?
9 Thorny Emender Prophet Veiled Watcher Unearthly Challenger Cook Octarine Ostrich ?
10 Dire Suppressor Diviner Disguised Double Agent Occult Guardian Knitting Mistress Mixed Chive ?
11 Pestilent Probitor Augur Shrouded Saboteur Preternatural Paladin Nursery Maid Learned Thyme ?
12 Mortal Rectifier Soothsayer Family Conspirator Seeker Captain Nanny Omnipotent Owl ?
13 Pernicious Proscriber Seer Subversion Master Mystical Warrior Lady's Maid Supreme Sargassum ?
14 Toxic Censor Mystic Intelligence Officer Spirit Warrior ? Timeless Sage ?
15 ? Oracle Spymaster ? ? Ponderous Crane ?

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