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BP Family Estates by Kefka
Warning.png WARNING: This page contains spoilers about specific Agatean family missions below the other spoiler warning.

After joining an Agatean family, you can do missions for them. Some missions are restricted to certain guilds. Not all missions might be available to all families.

Information about missions

Families assign missions through the npc in the library in the estate of your family.

  • You get a mission by say mission in front of the npc in the library (in Agatean, of course).
  • There are several types of missions, some that every guilds get and some unique to your guild.
  • The mission you get and the specific target/npcs are random.
  • When you are granted a mission, you receive a chit with all the details of your assignment.
  • Should you lose the chit, you should go back to the library to request a replacement before continuing.
  • You can only do one mission at a time, and there is a delay between finishing a mission and being able to get another, this appears to be half an hour in real time.
  • Some missions have a time limit, if you take too long you automatically fail.
  • If you cannot complete your mission or you don't want to, you can come back to the library and say "It was a failure" or "I have failed". You will be able to ask for a new mission 30 minutes later.

Upon successful completion of a mission:

  • Your chit will disappear.
  • You'll get a bit of xp.
  • There will be some money added to your family account, which you can claim in your family's finance room.
  • Your standing with your family will improve. This might give you enough standing to request a new title.
  • Your standing with several other families will be reduced. This seems to always be the same three families.

Failing a mission can damage your standing with your family.

You can check or collect the monies owed to you in your family's finance room.

  • If your family is on bad terms with all of the other families, you will be unable to collect money from your account.
In game help
Warning.png WARNING: Spoilers below!

Mission list

When doing something in another family's estate, you'll need to bypass guards and make npcs (except a pet you want to kidnap) leave the room where you want to achieve your mission. This can be done in several ways.

  • Casting some spells (wizard offensive spells?) will make most agatean npcs leave the room. Guards will stop blocking exits when they leave the room. They might return after a few rounds though.
  • Wizards and others with scrolls can also cast Sorsalsean's Seismic Eruption.
  • Witches can glare at them (not animals, but that should not be a problem).
  • Sneaking. Being invisible (side effect of the Alchemists' guild amalgamator) helps a lot, but you still need to sneak.
  • Except for guards, npcs move around. You can wait for them to go away.
  • Killing guards can be tricky, because if you don't kill them fast enough more guards that do not give exp will join the fight.

Acquire artifact

  • Guild: any
  • Action: Go to the target Family compound, find the named item, return with the item to the library and deposit it.
  • Commands: look, look <furniture>, get <item> from <furniture>, deposit <item>
  • Tips: Stealth (sneaking) is your friend. Look at every piece of furniture mentioned in the verbose description of the rooms in the targeted estate. Portalling out might be best, because if guards see that you have the item they will confiscate it. You can try to hide the item in a container, then drag the container.

Alter information

  • Guild: any
  • Action: Go to the requested room and alter the information.
  • Commands: alter information
  • Tips: You have to do this without npcs being around.
  • Skills: Agatean.written, Adventuring.direction (~200 bonus)

Capture pet

  • Guild: any
  • Action: Capture the pet and bring it back.
  • Commands: capture <living> with <object>, deposit <cage>
  • Tips: Stealth (sneaking) is your friend. Pets move around. Wait for them to be alone or move the other npcs. Portalling out might be best, so the guards don't see the cage with the pet. Hide the cage!
  • Skill: Crafts.hunting.trapping (~180 bonus)

Compose haiku

  • Guild: any
  • Action: Go to a specific location mentioned in the chit and display a message on the walls. (You do not actually have to prepare a message.)
  • Commands: compose message
  • Items: (open) tin of paint, calligraphy brush
  • Tips: Set the following option to see the room location - "options output shortinlong = on". Stealth (sneaking) is your friend. Make the family's npcs leave the room or wait until they do (not guards).
  • Skill: Crafts.arts.calligraphy (~200 bonus) & People.culture.agatean (~170 bonus)

Double Agent

  • Guild: any
  • Action: Find a way to get rid of a double agent before it's too late.
  • Items: Heavy worthless objects, like big pieces of armour you don't need or corpses/body parts.
  • Tips: The double agent follows you. Lead it somewhere.
  • Skills: Adventuring.movement.swimming to lead the npc, Covert.manipulation.passing to plant heavy things


  • Guild: any
  • Action: Go to location in the chit and escort the individual back to the Family compound. Ninjas can attack the npc at any time! Sometimes the npc goes backward when under attack.
  • Commands: enquire discretely, you can say wait, say follow to the npc.
  • Tips: Shield the npc, and/or Defend or Protect. You can also try to heal the npc. Moving fast to reach your family npc might a better idea than spending too much time in the same place. Scouting ahead does not seem that useful.
  • Skill: To keep the npc alive: Parry skills to Defend, skills for shields for you and the npc to protect: TPA, CCC, Major Shield...


  • Guild: any
  • Action: Go to location in the chit and investigate the room.
  • Commands: investigate {room|here}, give chit to <your library npc>
  • Tips: You need to investigate without npcs around.
  • Skills: Adventuring.perception (~200 bonus)

Kill spy

  • Guild: any
  • Action: Kill a generated npc spy (with a random unique name) while it is going between a bar that will be mentioned and the estate of its family.
  • Commands: kill
  • Items: Your weapon of choice and a valid Bes Pelargic arms permit (or avoid Imperial guards).
  • Tips: Listen to the informant updates every few minutes for information on their whereabouts. Spy difficulty is Guild Level dependent: higher level spies will hide, backstab, and use unpredictable routes. Other npcs of the same family might join in the fight or try to avenge the spy.
  • Skills: Fighting skills / Magic to kill the npc / Adventuring.perception to see the spy (~200 bonus).

Manipulate safe

  • Guild: Thief
  • Action: Go to the location with the safe, reveal it and manipulate it several times. Return the chit.
  • Commands: reveal, manipulate
  • Skills: Adventuring.perception to reveal (~200 bonus), Covert.lockpick.safes to manipulate (>200 bonus)


  • Guild: Witch
  • Action: Research the symptoms in the library (already there!). Collect the ingredients from shops (usually restaurants). Concoct potion will get you a useful utensil, then put the ingredients inside (they're still fresh, right?) and concoct again.
  • Commands: research [symptom] (do not misspell the symptom!), concoct potion, deposit bottle
  • Items: the ingredients you have to find, the old rusty saucepan
  • Skills: Research: Crafts.medicine.diagnosis (~180 bonus), Concocting: unsure of skill - best guess Magic.methods.physical.brewing (<~ 300 bonus)

Rooms with artifacts


  • A shrine dedicated to Fang family ancestors - silver horn on tatami mat
  • Fang family trophy room - crown in case
  • Fang family war room - crystal Katana of Woo in case
  • Room full of sleeping and snoring servants - goblet on table


  • Art gallery of the Hongs - Hong Lotus on pedestal
  • Hong family library - snowglobe on desk
  • Hong family trophy room - Tengu’s Codex on pedestal
  • Hong war strategy room - helm on floor
  • Room that the Hongs use to worship their ancestors - kimono on shrine
  • Writing room of the Hongs - notepad and brush on desk


  • Attic - McSweeney silver spoon on floor
  • Birdhouse - McSweeney haggis on shelf
  • Distillery - glass praying mantis on shelf
  • Lord McSweeney's office and financial headquarters - dentures on desk
  • Main tea room - humble calligraphy brush on table
  • Men’s dojo - decorative mace on floor
  • Men’s tea room - silver bell on table


  • Lord Sung’s bedroom - back scratcher on floor
  • Meditation room - statuette on altar
  • Quiet studio - antique tapestry on floor
  • Sung family library: ancient Sung vase on shelf


  • Crumbling balcony overlooking Tang Bay - sphere on floor
  • Drawing room in the Tang estate - Fabled Walking Stick on floor
  • Guest room - statue on dresser
  • Hallway outside the dining room - armour on floor
  • Tang treasury - stuffed crane on floor
  • Tang trophy room - helmet on floor

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