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Adventuring.perception is the skill used to detect most covert actions.



This skill determines whether a character spots someone who is hiding or faded. It is also used to see distortions when someone is being scryed with a crystal ball, in which case it is checked against magic.methods.spiritual.summoning. It is also used to notice the cuttlefish (a scrying method accessible through a quest). It is also used to determine the length of time it takes to notice combat and assist when using the "group assist <player>" command.

Covert commands

This skill is used to determine whether or not an observer spots another character initiating any covert command.

Other commands

The following commands also interact with this skill:

  • Watch - the watch command temporarily increases a player's bonus in this skill at the cost of adventuring gp to maintain it.
  • Search for person - this skill determines the chance of uncovering a hidden character.

Other uses

The skill is also used in/can tm from:

  • The "bobbing for garlic" game in the Escrow fun fair
  • Some Agatean family missions
  • Putting eyes on the altar of Blind Io
  • Shattering a Stasis sphere (used to spot a flaw in the sphere)


No groups have this skill as a primary.

TM opportunities

0-50 bonus

Bonus Action taken

51-100 bonus

Bonus Action taken

101-150 bonus

Bonus Action taken

151-200 bonus

Bonus Action taken
177 Putting 12 human eyes on Blind Io's Altar

201-250 bonus

Bonus Action taken
208 Shatter stasis sphere

251-300 bonus

Bonus Action taken

301-350 bonus

Bonus Action taken