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Discworld Skills is a skill used to determine a player's ability to mount and ride a horse.

This may never happen:

  • 11:07:07* Taffyd wisped: no
  • 11:07:11* Taffyd wisped: horses will never come in
  • 11:07:18* Taffyd wisped: I just think I should let you know.
  • 11:07:28* Taffyd wisped: It's good to hope and dream and pray for a better tomorrow.
  • 11:07:35* Taffyd wisped: But in this instance, there will be no tomorrow.

-- Logged August 29, 2010 by Gnash

Horses are available as mounts in the game since April 2nd 2021!



The following groups have this skill as a primary:

TM opportunities

Bonus Action taken, burden
123 Moving normally while leading a horse.
189 Command 'lead horse'
196 Successfully 'retrieve'ed 4 saps from saddlebags on horse during combat
217 Assessing traits of a horse with 80 docility
324 Mounting a horse with 61 docility
403 Retrieving from the saddlebags of a horse with 51 docility
428 Stashing hay in the saddlebags of a horse with 47 docility
451 Mounting horse with 47 docility
454 Mounting horse with 47 docility
498 Successfully 'retrieve'ed map from saddlebags on horse during combat with 42 docility
500 Command 'dismount and lead' from horse with 40 docility
503 Mounting horse with 40 docility