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Adventuring.acrobatics.tumbling is the skill which determines a player's ability to fall from a height without taking damage.


  • Tumbling is used when sliding down the banister in the Thieves Guild in Ankh-Morpork.
  • You tumble to use the L-Space gap in the Genua library.
  • Tumbling is used for jumping off the diving board in the Ankh-Morpork Pishe Waterpark.
  • Tumbling is used for diving off of the jetty in Il Drim.
  • Tumbling is used on the balance beam in the Ninja guild in Bes Pelargic.
  • To leave the moonlit market by jumping (or are shoved), tumbling is your friend. Otherwise, the pavement (and damage) will happily be your best buddy.


The following groups have this skill as a primary:

TM opportunities

Bonus Action taken
171 Diving off from Il Drim jetty
176 Jumping from the Moonlit Market window, 40% burden
177 Jumping from the Moonlit Market window, 40% burden