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Adventurers are players who have not yet joined a guild. Joining a guild gives players access to the many interesting and useful features of a guild, with a much cheaper advancement pathway. The Disc has many interesting features to enjoy whether a member of a guild or not.


You can only join a guild once, so some adventurers will be an adventurer for a limited time only, knowing which guild they wish to join from the very outset. Some players will spend some time as an adventurer while learning more about the Disc, before deciding which guild to join. Some players adventure for life, finding that it is not only possible to explore the Disc without joining a guild, it is also very enjoyable to do so.


Adventurers do not have level specific titles. All adventurers are simply listed as '<player> the Adventurer.'.


Adventurers can become followers of any deity except Pishe, to receive two of the lower level rituals that are available to priests of that deity. Adventurers can also increase their skill in faith.items.rod and thereby be able to use faith rods with other rituals in them, provided they have high enough bonuses in requisite skills.


Adventurers can cast Wizard spells from scrolls, provided they have the skills to do so.


Some commands can be learned by players irrespective of whether they have joined a guild. Many commands will require a level in a given skill before it can be learned. Levels in those skills can be learned from other players, or from teaching yourself. As an adventurer, to gain a command you will need to learn the command from another player.

  • Faith
    • pray (gained automatically on worshipping a deity)


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