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Egads! This is a Wiki!

That means that if you have a weapon not listed in the database, you have the POWAH to throw it in! You'll not only help make the database more accurate, but earn the love, respect and adoration of the slavering masses (That is, the players who don't contribute)!

This might seem a daunting prospect, but it's really quite simple. To add a complete article, you'll need the following information:

  • The name of the weapon. This is the name of the weapon as it appears in your inventory, or through the glance command.
  • The weapon's weight. This can be acquired via the weigh command; accurate figures can be attained on an in-game post office scale.
  • The weapon's judge information for a given strength. You can use the judge command to get this information, but you need a very high bonus to get accurate information. If you don't get speed information when using judge, just note the commands (only the commands known to you will show up so other might see more).
  • The long description of the weapon, gained by using the look command.
  • The weapon's material and the type which indicate the skill used by it. Use the appraise command to get these.
  • The precise measurements obtained with a measuring tape.

To expedite the process, you can copy-paste the Wiki code of another, similar weapon, and update all the relevant details.

Please try to change or blank all the information from the other weapon though!

This is quicker and much simpler than starting from a blank page; to make it even EASIER, though, I'll put you through our Patented Basic Tutorial (TM)!

Your Weapon and You

Step 1: Find a New and Undocumented Weapon
Imagine that you find a new weapon- a small wooden shillelagh. It is not in the database, and being a spiffy person, you decide to add it.

Step 2: Determine What it Is
Before you can add a new weapon using an old article's code, you need to know what type of article to rip off. This can be done using the appraise command, and the result should look something like this:

The small wooden shillelagh is about two feet long and three inches wide. It is made of wood and could be used as a weapon of type sword.

This means that you can use an existing sword-type article as your starting point- we'll use fine sabre in our example. Open the existing article and click Edit; from there, you can copy and paste the entire code of the entry.

Using the Wiki's search function (on the left-hand sidebar of any article), search for "small wooden shillelagh" (no quotes). Assuming that the shillelagh is not already in the database, you'll see a "No matches" page with a link entitled "Create this page." Click on that link.

Step 3: Something from Nothing
Remember when I had you copy the code from the fine sabre article? There was a reason! Paste all that code into your new article's text entry box. Now all you have to do is change the details!

Step 4: Devils, Details, Etc
Let's start from the top of the article and work our way down- it's not the quickest way to make a new article, but it is by far the easiest to describe.


The first item to change will be the weapon's weight. It is best to use a balance in game to obtain a precise weight, if you do put the weight in bold like '''4 3/9'''. Otherwise you can just "weigh" the weapon and put it like 5 or 4 1/2.


The you can try to get judge information, if you have the judge command. Let us assume that when you judge the shillelagh, you receive:

You think that the shillelagh is a rather good sword which can be used to pierce, slice and iai.
It is easy to attack with, very easy to parry with, very fast, has a rather high maximum damage and a very low average damage.

This means you can add the commands "pierce, slice and iai" each as a wiki link, for example [[Pierce]]. Note that the slice command is special. You should put [[Slice (command)|Slice]] for it.

Other judge information

If you don't see an indication for the speed of the weapon, in our example ", very fast,", then stop here.

If you do see the speed, check the Judge article for more information.


Then you can check how many hands you use by default to hold the weapon. "Hold" the weapon to find this number; it will be either a 1 hand or 2 hands. Just put 1 or 2.

Precise measurements

Get yourself a measuring tape. Then you can use it to "measure" your weapon and get something like:

You stretch out your measuring tape and measure the fine sabre, then wind up the tape again with the little handle on the side of the casing.
The fine sabre is 4 feet 4 inches long and 2 inches wide.

You would then put:

 | Tape-length = 4 4/12
 | Tape-width = 2/12

You then enter the material that "appraise" returns. Sometimes it's more than one word, just put then like "wood steel".


Then the weapon type you get from appraise.

If you get a ranged type (thrown or fired) then add a line, for example:

 | Ranged-type = Thrown

Replace the long description of the fine sabre with that of your shillelagh. You can copy and paste this from the MUD.


Replace the "appraise" line as well. Copy everything but the condition message.


The Acquisition entry is for a quick note regarding where to get the item (assuming that it is not quest info). A link to Kefka's site is usually enough. For this, while on the item page on Kefka's site note the item number in the adress bar and replace it in {{Itemdb|340}}

For example:

From this:


And that's it! You're done. :D