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The addict-o-meter is an item used to assess how addicted a player is to playing Discworld MUD. When aiming the addict-o-meter at a character, a small imp will pop out, consider the character, and finally make a statement as to roughly how addicted the player is.

Long Description

This is a jet-black box roughly the size of a dehydrated human head. Two ergonomic handles protrude from the sides. There is a small hinged hatch on the top of the box. There are some operating instructions on the back. It appears to have something written on it.


Written in immaculate handwriting in Morporkian:

To use the addict-o-meter, "aim" it at your target. The imp will then give you a general idea of just how addicted the target is to life on the Discworld.

Appraises As

The addict-o-meter is about nine inches long and about six inches wide. It is made of copper.


Kefka's Item Database


The addict-o-meter also works on NPCs, but would presumably always say they are "extremely addicted", since they have always been on the Disc.

The addict-o-meter must be used to earn the achievements Judged And Found Wanting (minor), Properly Addicted (small), and Drooling Zombie (moderate).

It is believed that a player's degree of addiction is calculated as the character's age relative to the character's date of creation. So new characters may be deemed much more addicted than a character created months or years ago, even if the older character has been online much more often recently. This makes it problematic for older characters to earn some of the related achievements. Although this is not generally considered a bug, to fix the problem, many players believe that the addict-o-meter should reflect a more realistic definition of addicted, such as measuring the amount of time a character has been online within the past week, two weeks, or month, instead of basing the measurement on the character's initial date of creation.

Drakkos is the creator and developer of the addict-o-meter.[1]