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Achievements are rewards for participation within the game. The achievements system was made available in December 2008. More information about the introduction of the achievements system is provided in the MUD history section.

Achievements are not quests; they do not require figuring out puzzle elements to complete, they are publicly listed and they can be freely discussed.

You can complete achievements by playing the game normally or by actively trying to complete them. Typically they are awarded for obtaining some skill levels, using guild abilities and doing one or more certain actions.

The innate command inform can be used to be notified of players from around the disc as they attain a moderate level or higher achievement.


Achievements are devided into categories based on the amount of time or difficulty needed to obtain them. Each category awards a different amount of XP and achievement points. The categories are:

Category Achivement points Experience points
Minor 1 5000
Small 2 15000
Moderate 3 35000
Large 4 75000
Huge 5 155000
Massive 6 627500
Epic 7 1267500
Legendary 8 2547500
Mythic 9 5107500

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