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This section is designed to help blind and low vision players get to know Discworld MUD and how to make use of its many resources. The tips and tricks will help to reduce text output and keep you on track to enjoying the game. Many of the utilities described below are designed to be work-arounds for issues known to frustrate users of screen reader software.

Tips & Tricks

Extended Rows

Rows refers to the maximum number of lines of text the server will send before prompting you to either quit displaying text or continue. Its designed to prevent especially long blocks of text from scrolling right up your screen. Probably you will want to read the text, but you can force the server to send much larger blocks of text, to avoid that continue prompt.

use "rows 30" or use "rows 500"

Brief & Verbose

The same text that creates the detailed environment we find ourselves within can be the very source of our frustrations, as we move around. Fortunately, we can set options to reduce such descriptive text until such time as we feel the need for more detail. The "brief" and "verbose" commands allow us to force the server to send exactly which level of description we want from an assortment of differnt events.

The following headings are found under the brief and verbose commands: combat, quit, tell, look, temperature, ignore, score, money, gp, names, count, exits, htell, errorreply, syntax, finger, purse, errors, and time

Use "brief all" to set everything listed to brief.

Most screen reader users will set "brief look" to force the server to minimize details as we enter a new room. Most, but not all, items in a room will be named in brief. That is enough to navigate, and using the "look" command will give a full description whenever you find a spot of interest.

In most cases, the brief settings only prevent the automatic text sent to you from being as lengthy as it might be. There is nothing ttruely hidden from you, because you only need to use another command to request the full details.

Another related setting not yet moved into the brief headings is "suppress_evade". Turning this option on will reduce your combat messages even further, by no longer showing you when you managed to avoid being hit.

Use "options combat suppress_evade"

Listing Skills

The "skills" command is used to display a very long array of your advancement in groups of learned skills. You will use this command frequently, and the information it displays is important. Unfortunately, the default setting allows the skills to be displayed in a visually pleasing branching layout. Trying to read these branches is a nightmare for screen readers, so the option to force skills to be displayed in a simple long list is absolutely necessary.

Use "options output skills = list"

Map Text

The 'map text' and 'map door text' commands will provide you with a written description of the rooms surrounding you, mentioning any NPCs or exits they contain. They can be quite spammy, but are also quite helpful to get a feel for your surroundings. You can set the map to always show up as text with "options output map written=on" or "options output map written=door".

Useing Aliases

Aliases allow you to write and store one or more commands under a name specified by you, allowing you to then execute those commands by typing the name. This saves a lot of time and effort typing out complete commands.

The alias page contains various aliases which may be useful for all players.  

Clubs & Projects

There are several blind and low vision players within the Discworld community. Many of those, along with sighted guide players, are glad to provide whatever advice and tools are required for everyone to continue enjoying the game.

Wayfinders Club

There is a player-run club named 'wayfinders', dedicated to increasing accessibility and helping vision-impaired players. The command "finger wayfinders" will give you information about the club and its members. Contact one of the listed recruiters to join the club.

Using VipMud Client on Discworld

A script package for the VipMud MUD Client has been developed to provide blind and low vision players of Discworld extensive text to speech support and specialized tools for accessibility. Details about the package, as well as links for downloads can be found in the DiscworldTTS for VipMud section.

External Links

The following sections describe websites other than this WIKI offering tools and information especially useful to blind and low vision players of the Discworld MUD.

Searching Map Text

the Map Text Search Page of Kefka's Map site allows you to search for text (e.g. a street name) within graphical maps. Resulting matches are highlighted on the graphical map, as well as being described in text. It helps to have a general idea of the layout of an area before trying to use this technique to find a specific location.

In cities which are generally circular, the textual result is described as a clock bearing and percentage from the centre of the city. For example, a search for a street name of "whopp" in the Ankh-Morpork map finds Whopping Street at "8 o'clock, 85% out from centre", indicating that it is in the southwest of the city, quite close to the outer edge of it.

In cities/terrain areas which are rectangular, the map is divided into nine sections - northwest, north, northeast, etc, and the textual result says which one a match was found in. For example, a search for a street name of "pang" in the Bes Pelargic map finds Pang Ho "In the northwest section of the area."

The search results also give the X,Y pixel co-ordinates of any matches, and the dimensions of the complete map.  

Street Finder

The Discworld MUD Street Finder Wiki states as it's goal to "outline every street in all of the major cities (AM, BP, DJB), in order to facilitate some sort of a working map of the Disc for the blind".