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Accents are manners and quirks of speech that are based on a character's nationality. It can be toggled on and off via options output.


When another character speaks with an accent that is different from your character's their accent will appear as part of the description of their speech:

Holy Ade says with an Uberwaldean accent: Hi.
Biddy Boddy Bu exclaims in Morporkian with a Bes Pelargic accent: Heya!

List of accents

This list is a work in progress and is incomplete.
Accent Starting Regions
Genuan Genua: Genua, Bois
Brindisian Brindisi: Brindisi
Lancrastian Lancre: Feruss, Moorland, Mad Wolf, Bad Ass, Saddleback, Mad Stoat, Slice, Valley of the Listening Monks, Lancre, Hangdog, Copperhead, Creel Springs, Razorback, Blackglass, Powderknife, Slippery Hollow
Ohulan Lancre: Ohulan Cutash
Uberwaldean Uberwald: Escrow, Koom, Bonk, Uberwald
Sum Dim Agatea: Sum Dim
Hunghung Agatea: Hunghung
Bes Pelargic Agatea: Bes Pelargic
Ephebian Ephebe: Ephebe
nautical Ephebian Ephebe: Erebos, Crinix, Papylos, an Ephebian ship
desert Ephebean Ephebe: the Ephebian desert, Heliodeliphilodelphiboschromenos
Djelian Djelibeybi: Djelibeybi, the upper Djel valley
Klatchian Klatch: Al-Ybi, the El Kinte peninsula, Al Khali, Otherz, Gebra, Eritor
D'reg D'reg: somewhere in the desert
Istanzian Istanzia: Istanzia
Tsortean Tsort: Erebos, Tsort
Omnian Omnia: Il Drim, Kom

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