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Command information
GP Cost 55
Learnt At 50 of covert.stealth
Skills Used Covert.stealth, fighting.special.tactics
Items Needed N/A
Guild Thieves and Assassins

Abscond is a thief and assassin-only command, it is used to leave combat covertly with the option of going straight into hide, ambush or sneak.

After preparing to abscond, the combatant will have about 10-15 seconds to dodge before losing the moment and having to input the command again.

Note: Abscond also stops combat unlike simply leaving the room in plain sight, so the absconding character will no longer attack the target if it follows


abscond <direction> and sneak {low|medium|high} 
abscond <direction> and hide 
abscond <direction> and ambush 
abscond stop 
abscond <direction>

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