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A funky hat shop sells custom hats. It is located in Bes Pelargic on Joy Luck Street (near its intersection with the west part of Long Street).


To get a hat here, you simply "order <type> <colour> <pattern> hat". The hat costs &&&&&&&&&&&+9600 20Rh and is ready instantly.


You need to choose a type, a colour, and a pattern for your hat. The options are all listed on the sign in the shop.

Available types are:

Very fine, magical, shiny, ruffled, glittery, pointy, bedraggled, wedding, broad-brimmed, pirate, sage's or lacy.

Available colours are:

Red, blue, green, magenta, brown, black, yellow, pink, orange, vomit-coloured, aquamarine, grey, white, fuchsia, lilac, puce, maroon, crimson, lavender, beige, cream, peach, tangerine, blueberry, carrot-coloured, rainbow and cyan.

Available patterns are:

Polka-dotted, striped, checkered, leopard-skin, party, top, ten-gallon, dunce, snake-skin, dull, feathered, velvet, sequinned, rat-skin, clockwork, tinfoil, pillbox, frog-shaped, swashbuckling or spy.


The hat will be called "a <type> <colour> <pattern> hat", and will look something like this:

This is an incredibly stylish glittery black sequinned hat.  It looks like it was rather expensive and must surely have been purchased from a very up-market boutique.  It looks the finest quality material and sits very lightly on the head.