2 The Merchant's Market, Golden Sow Lane

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Drallins Domain
Player shops information
City BP
Name Drallins Domain
Location 2 The Merchant's Market, Golden Sow Lane, south of Blue Moon Park
Owner Drallin
Managers Details needed.
Helpers Details needed.
Bank counter None
Other amenities large shop counter, imp
Size (square yards) 100
Updated 2019-01-01


Charged Rods (imprinted): 13 different items for sale.
Blank Rods: 32 different items for sale.
Scrolls: 9 different items for sale.
Rods for Sandelfon Priests/Followers - DO NOT CONSECRATE: 4 different items for sale.
Permalights: 2 different items for sale.
Components: 2 different items for sale.
General: 1 different item for sale.
You read the blackboard:
Written in chalk:
Buy Prices Thus Far
CCC Scrolls - 3 Rhinu (singles, packets of 3 or 4)
CCC components - 10 Rhinu per cast worth (satchels of 3 or 4 sets)
JPCT scrolls - 3 rhinu each (singles, packets of 4 or 6)
TPA scrolls - 3 rhinu each (singles, packets of 3 or 4)
FNP scrolls - 4 rhinu each (singles or packets of 3 or 4)
Batons - blank - 15 rhinu
Canes - blank - 20 rhinu
Maces (rod) - blank - 25 rhinu
Staff (rod) - blank - 50 rhinu

I buy most anything of value. If you have it, list it. I'll approve it or get with you to get it approved.
I sell Sandelfon batons, if what you want isn't listed then send me a tell. 
This is a Sandelfon Specialty Shop, or will be. Rods of other Gods will be here waiting on you charged and ready to go, along with remembers.
up to 30 - 500 rhinu
31 - 64 (900 rhinu)
65 - 150 (1200 rhinu)
151 + (1500 rhinu)
Thats the buy price based on GP or BC for charged rods. I'll redo the blackboard soonish to bring order to it