27b Pallant Street

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The Dragon's Nest
Player shops information
City AM
Name The Dragon's Nest
Location 27b Pallant Street
Owner Emily
Managers MotherGoose
Helpers Nienna, Twiddle, Reckless, Persephone
Bank counter None
Other amenities large shop counter, money changer, pickler
Size (square yards) 100
Updated 2019-07-27


The Dragon's Nest is located at 27b Pallant Street in northeastern Ankh-Morpork, just east of Hopesprings and Water Street. From Hlakket's Rat-Hole, the shop is [east], south, southwest, south, east, northeast, [south].


* Apparel & Armour
* Blorps - Travel and see the Disc
* Crafts and Tools
    Emily is adept at making marbled writing papers, wallpapers, dying furoshiki cloths and wrapping with them.
    She can also do pottery and various needlecrafts. We love filing custom craft orders
* Delusional
* Enchanting and other services, just ask us
* For the Faithful
* General
* Healing and Other Witchy Brews
* Idle Chasing and TM Toys er... Tools
* Jewellery
* Keys, Passes, Permits, Picks etc.
* Literary Marvels for your Library and Language Skills
* Magic Components
* Newbie Things
* Oh, look in the Repository for requestables
* Pets and Pet Accessories
* Quest Items
* Rarities and T-Shop Finds
* Scrolls
* Toyes, Giftes, Iconographs and Collectibles
* Useful Magical Creations
* Vocational Assistance - Job Market, Missions & Achievements
* Weapons & Scabbards
* Xtra Xtra Read All About It!
* Yes or No
* Ze Home Furnishings
    Looking for an interior designer? Consult with Emily.

Money Changer

Current Exchange Rates:
      Local (Ankh-Morpork)        : 8%
      From Djelibeybi             : 8%
      To Djelibeybi               : 8%
      From Counterweight Continent: 10%
      To Counterweight Continent  : 8%
      From Ephebe                 : 10%
      To Ephebe                   : 8%
      From Lancre                 : 10%
      To Lancre                   : 8%
      From Genua                  : 15%
      To Genua                    : 15%

Syntax: change <money> {into


 Cost Per Use: 12p


You read the blackboard:
Written in chalk:

Welcome to The Dragon's Nest
Welcome to The Dragon's Nest

We stock Quest Items, Scrolls, Purple Powder,
Teas, Rarities and various Kits for the crafter,
the idle chaser, the newbie and the caster.

When present we also provide custom craft services, 
deluding, light enchanting, free teaching services of Covert, 
foreign language practice, etc.
You are welcome to come share group exp and tms here.

Also provided for your convenience are a pickler, a money changer 
and access to your People's Bank of Klatch account.

Any questions or requests please contact any of our staff:
Emily - Owner
Mothergoose - Shop Manager

Come back soon to see what we have for you!

~Emily von Schaf~
Proprietress of the Dragon's Nest
27b Pallant Street, Ankh-Morpork

You can also visit our website at

The following travel aliases are offered for your convenience:

alias  tr-drum-dragon  e;n;n;e;e;e;ne;ne;ne;ne;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;nw;nw;n;n;nw;n;n;ne;e;n;n;n;n;ne;n;n;se;e;n;ne;e;e;e;e;e;e;e;se;e;ne;e;e;e;ne;e;e;e;e;e;ne;
alias tr-dragon-drum sw;w;w;w;w;w;sw;w;w;w;sw;w;nw;w;w;w;w;w;w;w;sw;s;w;nw;s;s;sw;s;s;s;s;w;sw;s;s;se;s;s;se;se;s;s;s;s;s;s;s;sw;sw;sw;sw;w;w;w;s;s;w;

Thieves' Guild
alias tr-tg-dragon s;e;e;e;se;se;se;ne;ne;ne;ne;ne;ne;ne;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;ne;n;n;ne;;n;ne;n;ne;n;n;ne;n;ne;n;ne;n;e;ne;
alias tr-dragon-tg sw;w;s;sw;s;sw;s;sw;s;s;sw;s;sw;s;sw;s;s;sw;s;s;s;s;s;s;s;s;s;s;s;s;s;sw;sw;sw;sw;sw;sw;sw;nw;nw;nw;w;w;w;n;

UU Gates
alias tr-uu-dragon ne;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;n;ne;n;n;ne;;n;ne;n;ne;n;n;ne;n;ne;n;ne;n;e;ne;
alias tr-dragon-uu sw;w;s;sw;s;sw;s;sw;s;s;sw;s;sw;s;sw;s;s;sw;s;s;s;s;s;s;s;s;sw;

Hlakket's Rat Hole
alias tr-rathole-dragon s;sw;s;e;ne;
alias tr-dragon-rathole sw;w;n;ne;n;