24 High Tide Road

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Mirodar's Magics
Player shops information
City BP
Name Mirodar's Magics
Location 24 High Tide Road, east of covered market
Owner Mirodar
Managers Details needed.
Helpers Details needed.
Bank counter None
Other amenities medium shop counter, Money Changer, greeter imp, pickler
Size (square yards) 70
Updated 2021-01-10


This shop is located at 24 High Tide Road in the Shoo-Li district of Bes Pelargic.

From outside the Samurai Dojo, the shop is east, east, east, east, east, southwest, southwest, southwest, southwest, southwest, southwest, south, south, south, south, south, south, south, south, south, east, east, east, east, east, [north].

Ask Mirodar for a free blorp.


Mirodar's Magics stocks the various accoutrements you would expect of a magic shop. Scrolls, Premium Blorps, Blorp kits (containing a collection of useful locations), the all elusive CCC component kits for all 3 variations and an assortment of useful TShop items.

I will do my best to ensure the following stock is always available:

TPA  x4	                                    12Rh 
TPA  x8	                                    24Rh 
JPCT x4	                                    15Rh 
GRG  x1	                                     4Rh 
FNP  x1	                                     4Rh
CCC  x3	                                    10Rh 

CCC Kits		
CCC Kit x3 (Stone - Sharp & Pierce)	    30Rh
CCC Kit x3 (Metal - Sharp & Blunt)	    30Rh
CCC Kit x3 (Latex - Pierce & Blunt)	    30Rh 
CCC  x3                                     10Rh 
Language Primers		
Single Morporkian Growler	            45Rh 
Single Djelian Growler	                    45Rh 
Single Ephebian Growler	                    45Rh 
Single Agatean Growler	                    45Rh 
Single Uberwaldean Growler	            45Rh 
Single Klatchian Growler	            45Rh 
Single Brindisian Growler	            45Rh 
Single Dwarfish Growler	                    45Rh 
Taxi Starter Kit	                    85Rh 
Taxi Supplement Kit	                   100Rh 
Fence Kit	                           150Rh


In order to facilitate purchases, a money changer has been provided to convert any currency to Agatean at cost. Deliveries are available for the cost of a standard taxi whenever Mirodar is online (and not afk). Stock has been hand crafted or purchased, no naughty stabbity stab or 5 finger discounts here! Mirodar is a Service Wizard and is happy to accept custom orders for anything that is not available in the shop. Please just ask.