18 Lover's Lane

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More of Mirodar's Magics
Player shops information
City BP
Name More of Mirodar's Magics
Location 18 Lover's Lane, northeast of the Medina
Owner Mirodar
Managers Details needed.
Helpers Details needed.
Bank counter  Small AM$500, DjToon 1000.00, 416Rh 80s, LSov 9  Nickett and Leggit counter, 5%
Other amenities medium shop counter
Size (square yards) 70
Updated 2022-12-02


Blorp Kits: 16 different items for sale.
   All blorps are enchanted and engraved.  Browse an item to see what is contained in the kit.  Custom orders and other kits available on request.
CCC Kits & Components: 5 different items for sale.
Scrolls: 6 different items for sale.
The categories RainbowBeards Armoury and Healing Tea do not have anything for sale.

Bank Branch

Nickett and Leggit