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*[[Temple of the Listening Monks]]
*[[Temple of the Listening Monks]]
*[[Chronides Estate|Chronides farmstead]]
*[[Chronides Estate|Chronides farmstead]]
*Palude Ditta park in [[Genua]] - seasonal (summer)
*Palude Ditta park in [[Genua]] - seasonal (summer/autumn)
It can be bought from:
It can be bought from:

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Yarrow is a plant with a long stem, branching towards the top into a cluster of small white or pink flowers.


Yarrow can be used as follows:


Yarrow is a poison if ingested directly.

After eating at least 20 stalks of yarrow and waiting 2 minutes, it gives temporary stat penalty of -5 constitution and -2 dexterity as well as regularly draining 10% of your remaining health points at intervals of 30 to 60 seconds.

Eating more yarrow does not make you sick faster and dried yarrow doesn't seem to change anything either.

It can be cured with antidote tea.

If left untreated it will last 20 minutes.


Yarrow can be found in the following locations:

It can be bought from: