Wyrm sword

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Wyrm sword
Weapon information
Precise dimensions No information
Material No information
Weight 6 2/9
Thaums/sec 9 stable / 12 talisman / 19 max
Hands 2
Commands Pierce, Slice, Behead, Impale
Melee type Heavy-sword
Judge data
Speed 4 Slightly slow 4
Maximum damage 2 Very low 2
Average damage 5 Pretty low 5
Str Overall Attack ease Parry ease

Long Description

This great sword looks like a fine prize and could prove very useful in battle if you're tough enough to wield it. It is made of an octiron and is very durable. Its handle is made of platinum and has a stylised engraving of a dragon.

Appraises As

The Wyrm Sword is about five feet long and four inches wide. It is made of octiron and could be used as a weapon of type heavy-sword..


The Travelling Shop, for $750.

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