Wurphle's Midnight Snack

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Wurphle's Midnight Snack
Spell information
Nickname ?
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
GP cost 35
Mind space 25
Thaums 5
Components None
Tome The Olde Arte of Foode

Wurphle's Midnight Snack (abbreviated as WMS) is a miscellaneous spell which summons a snack for the caster.

Spell Details

The spell costs 35 gp to cast and takes up 25 units of mind space.


Spellcheck results
80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280



cast Wurphle's Midnight Snack with creating <food(s)>
cast Wurphle's Midnight Snack with creating <liquid> into <container>
Where food is one (or more) of: black forest cake, butterscotch, candyfloss, cheese, chicken curry, chocolate cabbage, chocolate cake, chocolate cone, cream pie, dumpling, fairy bread, fish 'n' chips, four strata pizza, garlic pizza, ham'n'cheese sandwich, hotdog, klatchian curry, lamb chop, lamb curry, mixed meat pie, mushroom pizza, peanut butter sandwich, peppermint, rat burger, roast pig, roast potato, roast sheep, strawberry cake, strawberry cone, toffee apple and vanilla cone.
Liquid is one of ale, beer, black coffee, cider, cream, dark chocolate liqueur, mead, red wine, sweet tea, whiskey and white coffee.

You can create up to ten pieces of food at once. To create multiple things, put a comma between each item:

cast Wurphle's Midnight Snack with creating dumpling, dumpling, peppermint


You prepare to cast Wurphle's Midnight Snack.
You close your eyes and contemplate the idea of food.
You think about a nice big dinner; pigs with apples, cakes and desserts.
You open your eyes and spread your arms, welcoming the food with an inviting gaze.

Food success:

You end up with a roasted sheep in your arms.

Beverage success:

You stand back and point towards a large bucket.  A burst of beer shoots from your finger, filling up the container.  You feel quite drained afterwards.


Just as you are about to reach out to grab some food, the rift snaps shut!

To others:

Wizard closes her eyes and smiles dreamily.
Wizard rubs her large tummy and licks her lips.
Wizard opens her eyes and stares hungrily at the space between her arms.
Wizard quickly reaches out and pulls back two dumplings and a peppermint.


There is an achievement in the category spells for creating enough roasted sheep and beer:

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