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You can write on paper, books, and some other things with various writing implements.


write with <object> on <object> in <language>
write on <object> with <object> in <language>
write with <object> on <object>
write on <object> with <object>

The "write" command will drop you into your chosen editor to write on the item. You'll finish writing when you save--if you quit without saving, you won't actually write anything.

scribble <message> on <object> with <object>
scribble <message> in <language> on <object> with <object>

The "scribble" command lets you write one line on the item, immediately.

sign <object> with <object>

The "sign" command adds a signature to the item. It looks like this:

Written in cursive <ink> is the authentic and attested signature of <your name>:
<your name including title>


Unless you otherwise specify the language you want to write in, you will write in the language you are currently speaking. This is true for all of the writing commands.

When reading something in your native language, the writing looks like this:

Written in <ink>:

If it's in a language other than your native one, it looks like this:

Written in <ink> in <language>:

Signatures also have the "in <language>" bit added to them.

If you write something in a language you don't have a high enough level of written in, it may be partially unreadable even by someone with 100 levels of written in that language. That is, parts of it may not translate properly.

Writing instruments

Some writing instruments need ink. For these, you need to get a bottle of ink, then "dip <writing implement> {in|into} <ink well>" before you can write with them. You can then "wipe <writing implement>" to remove the ink from it (this is necessary to change colours).

Item Source Appearance of ink or other Notes
 <colour> crayon This is a blunt looking <colour> crayon made from soap. You could probably write on people with it.  [1] <colour> crayon Can only be used to write on people; the writing washes off with water (causing bubbles). They run out after being used a certain amount.
 <colour> crayon This is a lovely wax crayon, really bright and shiny, just perfect for writing anything you like! It's been wrapped in neat white paper to keep your hands clean while you use it. Well, slightly grubby and tattered greyish paper, really. But the thought is there.  [2] <colour> crayon Can be used in colouring books as well as for writing.
 bamboo reed pen This thin hollow length of bamboo reed has been sharpened to a point at one end and filled with ink. You could probably write on things with it.  [3] rusty black ink
 barbed quill Wicked-looking barbs jut from the shaft of this long quill, placed just right to pierce the user's hand. The nib is wickedly sharp, and the three inches of feather remaining at the top are a bright, bloody scarlet.  [4] blood Does a small amount of damage when held; uses faith.items.scroll to hold.
 bone stylus Carved out of bone, the stylus has a pointy end for writing and an ornamental hippopotamus head carving at the other. You could probably write on things with it.  [5]  ?  ?
 clerk's quill Formed to precisely the most comfortable curve for a writer's hand, with a short tuft of plain pale-grey feathering at the top, this is most certainly the implement of choice for someone who spends a great deal of their time writing. The neat, almost fussy curve of the nib reflects the amount of care such a writer puts into their work, and the precisely chosen character of their words.

It is clean and dry.  || [6] || <colour> ink || Needs ink.

 elegant golden plume Clearly made from a Ramtops eagle's tail feather, this long, slim plume is a bright, vivid gold along its length, tipped with a deep, warm cinnamon brown. The lower third of the shaft has been trimmed smooth for a good grip, and a small brass reservoir sits just above the gold nib.  [7] warm cinnamon-coloured ink
 golden quill pen The shaft and plume glimmer enticingly, reflecting glints of butter-soft light into the eyes of anyone observing the writer's movements too closely. The shaft curves in a gentle, sinuous sway, and the short, broad nib forms bold confident letters. Words spoken with this pen's golden tongue are surely golden ones themselves.

It is clean and dry.  || [8] || <colour> ink || Needs ink.

 green glass stylus Carefully polished smooth, this hand-long piece of bubbly green glass, recovered from the mysterious circular glass fields near the reputed site of the aeons-lost cities of Fielleran and Gehellin, has a gently pointed tip to leave marks on papyrus or wax.

A faintly greasy, green-tinged octarine light crawls across its surface.  || [9] || subtly green-tinted indentations ||

 grey goose quill At first glance, this seems to be an ordinary grey goose quill, a flight primary from the right wing, the curve sitting perfectly in a writer's hand. On a closer examination, though, the shaft is made from fine ivory and the barbs are finely woven silk, artfully damasked for a perfect semblance of life.  [10]
 humble wooden calligraphy brush A simple straight stick, with a bundle of dark wolf-hair bound to one end, this is the sword that won an Empire and the mattock that built it.

It is clean and dry.  || [11] || <description> <colour> ink calligraphy || Needs ink. Description of writing depends on crafts.arts.calligraphy skill.

 jaunty crimson plume Doubtless obtained from some exotic Howondalandish bird, this long, fluffy, curling feather is a bright, vivid crimson, shot through with swirling patterns of darker red. The lower third of the shaft has been trimmed smooth for a good grip, and a small brass reservoir sits just above the gold nib.  [12] crimson ink
 midnight black quill pen This long, nicely-balanced quill was cut from the right wing of a black swan, and cut to a businesslike nib. The barbs have been trimmed back to the last few inches, where a broad plume of silky black waves and nods with the writer's motions, perfect for emphasising a gesture or adding that touch of theatricality to an official document.  [13] <description> <colour> ink secretary hand
 old leaky quill Trimmed back to the shaft apart from a lonely tuft of feather at the top, this quill is slightly bent and discoloured from years of use. The brass nib is battered and crossed, and there's a small split surrounded by a blue stain where it meets the shaft.  [14] messy, splotchy dark blue ink
 quill This is a nice, long, feathery quill. You could write on things with it.  [15] ink
 rainbird quill The feathery tuft on this long, slim quill is a soft bluish grey, like a cloud early some soft warm morning in spring. Pregnant with words as the cloud is with the gentle blessing of rain, ink flows freely and smoothly from the slanted nib.

It is clean and dry.  || [16] || <colour> ink || Needs ink.

 seagull feather quill This is a nice, long quill, made from the grey and white feather of a seagull. You could probably write on things with it.  [17] sepia ink
 sleek black plume Made from a flight feather cast off by one of the Tower of Art's ravens, subtle blue and purple glints can be made out in the deep black surface. The lower third of the shaft has been trimmed smooth for a good grip, and a small brass reservoir sits just above the gold nib.

Faint swirls of octarine light blow across its surface.  || [18] || rich black ink flecked with silver ||

 souvenir fountain pen A black fountain pen with a silver nib. Written in silver filigree down the side are the words "The Royal Art Museum - Ankh-Morpork".

It is clean and dry.  || [19] || <colour> ink || Needs ink.

 small neat quill Short, slim, and an unpretentious grey, this plain goose quill seems ideal for the kind of person who cares about neatness, elegance, respect, and having everything in its proper place.  [20] fussy green ink
 stormy petrel quill   [21]
 sturdy purple plume Thicker and sturdier than a normal feather, this plume looks as though it could quite possibly double as a weapon in an emergency. Such as, for instance, when someone else has just grabbed the last copy of a textbook you wanted. The lower third of the shaft has been trimmed smooth for a good grip, and a small brass reservoir sits just above the gold nib.  [22] rich purple ink
 swan's wing plume Long and gleaming white, with a slight but very graceful curve, this feather could have come from no other bird. The lower third of the shaft has been trimmed smooth for a good grip, and a small brass reservoir sits just above the gold nib.  [23] elegant black ink
 swansdown quill This quill is small and delicate, its upper half shrouded in a soft fuzz of down. Looking at the tiny threads, stirring with every breath from the writer's lips, one could almost believe that nothing hurtful or bad could ever pass to paper from the tiny, artfully curved nib.  [24]
 vulture feather quill Snaggly, scraggly, and oily black, this quill pen has a decidedly malign air about it, as if not even the writer could ever predict what odd, wonderful, evil, unexpected words might scratch their way onto the paper. The nib looks rather crooked and spiky, but writes quite well for all that.

It is clean and dry.  || [25] || <colour> ink || Needs ink.

 wooden pencil A small, straight stick has been smoothed down along the outside, hollowed, filled with a length of plumbago and sharpened to a point at one end. You could probably write on things with it.  [26] pencil

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