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You can write on paper, books, and some other things with various writing implements.


write with <object> on <object> in <language>
write on <object> with <object> in <language>
write with <object> on <object>
write on <object> with <object>

The "write" command will drop you into your chosen editor to write on the item. You'll finish writing when you save--if you quit without saving, you won't actually write anything.

scribble <message> on <object> with <object>
scribble <message> in <language> on <object> with <object>/pre>
The "scribble" command lets you write one line on the item, immediately.

<pre>sign <object> with <object>

The "sign" command adds a signature to the item. It looks like this:

Written in cursive <ink> is the authentic and attested signature of <your name>:
<your name including title>


Unless you otherwise specify the language you want to write in, you will write in the language you are currently speaking. This is true for all of the writing commands.

When reading something in your native language, the writing looks like this:

Written in <ink>:

If it's in a language other than your native one, it looks like this:

Written in <ink> in <language>:

Signatures also have the "in <language>" bit added to them.

If you write something in a language you don't have a high enough level of written in, it may be partially unreadable even by someone with 100 levels of written in that language. That is, parts of it may not translate properly.

Writing instruments

Some writing instruments need ink. For these, you need to get a bottle of ink, then "dip <writing implement> {in|into} <ink well>" before you can write with them. You can then "wipe <writing implement>" to remove the ink from it (this is necessary to change colours).

Item Source Appearance of ink or other Notes
<colour> crayon [1] <colour> crayon Can only be used to write on people; washes off with water (causing bubbles)
bamboo reed pen [2] rusty black ink
barbed quill [3] blood Does a small amount of damage when held; uses faith.items.scroll to hold.
clerk's quill [4] <colour> ink Needs ink.
elegant golden plume [5] warm cinnamon-coloured ink
golden quill pen [6] <colour> ink Needs ink.
grey goose quill [7]
humble wooden calligraphy brush [8] <description> <colour> ink calligraphy Needs ink. Description of writing depends on crafts.arts.calligraphy skill.
jaunty crimson plume [9] crimson ink
midnight black quill pen [10]
old leaky quill [11] messy, splotchy dark blue ink
quill [12] ink
rainbird quill [13] <colour> ink Needs ink.
seagull feather quill [14] sepia ink
sleek black plume [15] rich black ink flecked with silver
souvenir fountain pen [16] <colour> ink Needs ink.
small neat quill [17] fussy green ink
stormy petrel quill [18]
sturdy purple plume [19] rich purple ink
swan's wing plume [20] elegant black ink
swansdown quill [21]
vulture feather quill [22] <colour> ink Needs ink.
wooden pencil [23] pencil

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