Worstler's Advanced Metallurgical Glance

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Worstler's Advanced Metallurgical Glance
Spell information
Nickname wamg
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
Description Shows the room of a jewellery blorple.
GP cost 20
Mind space 15
Thaums 3
Components jewellery blorple
Tome Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Everything

Worstler's Advanced Metallurgical Glance (abbreviated as WAMG) is a miscellaneous wizard spell that gives the caster a glimpse of the location the jewellery is blorped to.


This is the metallurgic form of the spell Worstler's Elementary Mineralogical Glance. The mineralogical version is even smaller.

Casting this spell on the piece of jewellery shows the caster a brief but current view of the remote location previously imprinted in the blorple. The viewing and the caster will go undetected by anyone. Even the presence of "unscryable" characters or players at the remote location will not prevent the viewing.

It is also possible to cast the spell Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel on the same blorple and open a portal to the same remote location. One could then open that portal to view the remote location in its current state, however, this spell will do the job faster and for a much lower cost in guild points. Another consideration is that because only a single portal can connect into a location at a given moment, any existing connection to the remote location would prevent a second portal from connecting properly. This spell bypasses any such restriction.


This spell costs 20 GP to cast, and takes up 15 units of mind space. It is cast on a jewellery blorple.


Spellcheck results
0 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


This spell requires a blorple in the form of a piece of metal jewellery as a target.

The spell Al'Hrahaz's Scintillating Blorpler is used to create suitable blorples.

Casting messages

You call to the knowledge within the gold ring.
You think of the location encoded in the gold ring.
You stare at the gold ring.
The gold ring seems to urge you to gaze into it.
> gaze into drum
You see a vision in the gold ring:
This is the street just outside the infamous Mended Drum pub, described in "Wellcome to Ankh-Morporke, Citie of One Thousand Surprises" as "a Cheereful Taverne in which the Honest Yeomen of the Citye may be seen Drinking, Singing and Reciting Poetrye."  Oddly enough, though, "Wellcome to Ankh-Morporke" doesn't mention the bloodstains on the door, the numerous axe notches, or the lingering aroma of bad ale.  A nearby sign has been provided outside the Drum to aid the numerous drunken revellers who accumulate during the night, though how effectively is questionable.  A sturdy door leads north into the pub (if you dare), to the south is Short Street and Filigree Street runs east-west.
Quite a few people, some in small groups, walk, trot and lurch aimlessly towards other parts of the city.
It is a very warm summer prime's morning with almost no wind and a beautifully clear sky.
There are four obvious exits: east, west, south and north.
To others
Wizard appears to be pleading with a gold ring.
Wizard appears to be thinking about something.
Wizard stares at a gold ring.

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