Woollen cloth

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The woollen cloth is a Travelling Shop item.

It can be used to remove Scolorid's Scintillating Scribbling or Blorping from items such as jewellery.

Long Description

This is a small yellow coloured cloth, with red stitching around the border. In the bottom corner, there is a logo of a gem-studded ring, also stitched with red cotton. The cloth is a bit woolly and fluffy, and looks like it would be good for wiping and scrubbing things with. Sparks and flecks of octarine coloured particles are dotted all over the cloth. It is in excellent condition.


wipe <jewellery> with <object>                 
scrub <jewellery> with <object>                     

Wipe is for removing the writing and scrub is for removing the location.

Appraises As

The woollen cloth is about six inches long and three inches wide. It is made of wool and looks like you could wear it. It is in excellent condition.


The T-shop for &&&&&&&&&&&+4800 $12.00, and are often available in player shops.