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Woodworking is a new craft activity that became available with the introduction of the Artificer's Academy. Various tools, from pens to walking sticks, can be created here.

Types of wood

Quality of the wood affects price and difficulty of item creation

Type of wood Quality
Apple Low
Ash Low
Birch Low
Blackthorn Low
Cherry Low
Cedar Low
Chestnut Low
Cypress Low
Ebony Low
Elm Low
Hawthorn Low
Hazel Low
Holly Medium
Ironwood Low
Larch Low
Linden Low
Mahogany Low
Oak Medium
Olive Low
Pine Low
Rowan High
Sycamore Low
Walnut Low
Willow Low
Yew Medium


Currently five items can be made in the Artificers' Academy. This is a list of what can be made, and their quality levels from worst to best. Please note that wooden items can be stained with Inks and polished with Waxes.

  • Staff
    • "This is a sturdy <wood> walking staff, smooth and unadorned. About two-thirds of the way up, the wood has been subtly shaped for ease of holding."
    • "Slender and wieldy, this staff is six feet of <wood> shaped and balanced to be almost perfect for a long journey complete with bandit encounters."
  • Wand
    • "This is obviously a wand, and it would probably do well for any normal purpose, but it's not entirely straight."
    • "Slender and wieldy, this wand is a food and a half of <wood> which tapers in gentle recurving arcs towards its tip."
  • Flute
    • "This is an elegant <wood> flute, quite well made."
  • Pen
    • "This is an ordinary-looking pen."
    • "This is a sturdy <wood> fountain pen, smooth and unadorned. It sits neatly and comfortably in the hand."
    • "This pretty, slender <wood> pen sits lightly in the hand, the delicate shaft and responsive balance leaving no doubt that it will write beautifully for a skilled writer."
  • Walking Stick (One-handed staff)
    • "This sturdy three-foot length of <wood> would do perfectly well as a support when walking, but the carved owl perched on the top lacks artistry."
    • "This is a sturdy <wood> walking stick, topped with a smoothly rounded knob upon which perches a cleverly carved owl."