Wooden whistle

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A wooden whistle is a simple musical instrument, on which tunes can be played. It can also be used by witches to summon lost fruitbats back to them.

Long description

This is a small whistle. It appears to be made of rowan wood.

Musical properties

The wooden whistle is a wind instrument, requiring the crafts.music.instruments.wind skill to play. A bonus of approximately 150 in this skill is required to play with average ability. Apart from the usual commands for musical instruments, you can "blow" a whistle.

Whistles and fruitbats

A witch may bond the whistle to her fruitbat, by using the syntax

cast Granny Benedict's Bond of Loyalty with whistle for <fruitbat>
. Once this has been done, the fruitbat will return from any nearby room to the witch's location when the whistle is blown.


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