Wooden whistle

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Wooden whistle
Musical instruments Information
Type Wind
Tuneable No
Mallet No
To play, must be... Held
Size 1" x 1"
Weight < 1 lb
Material Wood
Other Fruitbat summon

A wooden whistle is a simple musical instrument, on which tunes can be played. It can also be used by witches to summon lost fruitbats back to them.


This is a small whistle. It appears to be made of rowan wood.
It has the hazy octarine sparkle of a magical talisman.

Whistles and fruitbats

A witch may bond the whistle to her fruitbat, by using the syntax

cast Granny Benedict's Bond of Loyalty with whistle for <fruitbat>
Once this has been done, the fruitbat will return from any nearby room to the witch's location when the whistle is "blow"n.

Musical Information

  • A bonus of approximately 150 in this skill is required to play with average ability. Apart from the usual commands for musical instruments, you can "blow" a whistle.

Where Found

Kefka's item database

Public Area

  • None


  • None


  • "Unusual wooden whistle" at the toy shop



Bonus Range Message
154-165 You make a shrill loud noise with your wooden whistle.
154-203 You create a soft meeping sound on your wooden whistle.
154-170 You play a jaunty tune on your wooden whistle.
157-203 You blow into your wooden whistle, creating an elaborately modulated trilling sound.
159-199 You skilfully play a slow, gently lilting melody like a fruitbat crooning for her fruitbat lover on your wooden whistle.
165-207 You play a soft air on your wooden whistle, like the rustle of night breezes through fruitbat fur.
(Best message?)


Bonus Range Message
165 You play something that sounds like ducks fighting on your wooden whistle.
154-186 You perform a solo lacking in creativity and, indeed, melody on your wooden whistle.
191-207 You perform a monotonous solo on your wooden whistle.
191-203 You perform a simple solo on your wooden whistle.
170-199 A discordant noise sounds from the wooden whistle as you perform a solo on it.
186-203 You skilfully perform a funky solo on your wooden whistle.


Bonus Range Message
154 You serenade <target> with an awful tune of clashing notes on your wooden whistle, showing no consideration to anyone's eardrums.
154-168 You play your wooden whistle, serenading <target> with a boring and unimaginative tune.
154-168 You timidly serenade <target> on your wooden whistle with a simple yet appealing tune.
168 You serenade <target> with a rather monotonous tune on your wooden whistle.