Wooden harp

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Wooden harp
Musical instruments Information
Type String
Tuneable Yes
Mallet No
To play, must be... Held
Size 2' x 9"
Weight 5 lb
Material Wood
Other None


This is a remarkably well made wooden harp with lovely spiralling vine ornaments. The open, triangular-shaped frame has numerous strings of graded lengths strung across it.

Where Found

Public Area

  • None





Bonus Range Message
202-211 You carelessly play a few clashing notes on your wooden harp.


Bonus Range Message
146-202 With an obvious lack of skill, you play something that sounds like nails being dragged down a blackboard on your wooden harp.
146-211 You play a few clashing chords on your wooden harp.


Bonus Range Message
146-211 You serenade <target> with an awful melody on your wooden harp.


Bonus Range Message
146-202 You create a noise akin to that made when a raven finds an eyeball as you perform a solo on your wooden harp.
146-211 You perform an irritating solo on your wooden harp.

Other Information

  • No other information is available.