Wizard's Billiards

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There are four Wizards' Billiards tables off the courtyard of the Bes Pelargic L-space Bubble.


You can start playing with:

play wizards/guild billiards with <player>

You need either a staff or a broomstick to play and about 200 bonus in magic.items.held.staff , magic.items.held.broom or magic.items.held.wand.

hit cue ball at [colour] ball with staff/broom


Skills allow you to perform special effects / tricks that award you points. The player that ends with the greater amount of points win.

Some skills are thought to work (at least) for specific colour balls.

Skill Ball colours
Magic.methods.elemental.air grey black
Magic.methods.elemental.earth brown beige
Magic.methods.elemental.fire red orange yellow
Magic.methods.elemental.water aqua cyan blue
Magic.methods.mental.animating green purple violet
Magic.methods.spiritual.conjuring magenta mauve pink
Covert.manipulation.sleight-of-hand beige

See the research page for confirmed effects.

The score is written in agatean.

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