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This is for those that like to have nicknames for their spells. This is based on the wizards pages that can be found here.

So to use "Gammer Shorga's Helpful Undergrowth" type 'cast gshu'. The same should apply with every other occurrance of the spell. Happy casting!

Simply put the following into your typing bar:

Start copying from here \/\/\/\/\/\/

frimble start of spell nicknames & cast alias
alias c cast $1$ $ifarg2: on $2*$ $endif$
Nickname Gammer Shorga's Helpful Undergrowth as gshu
Nickname Mother Brynda's Call of Gravity as mbcg
Nickname Mother Feelbright's Busy Bees as mfbb
Nickname Banishing of Unnatural Urges as buu
Nickname Grammer Scorbic's Household Guard as gshg
Nickname Mama Kolydina's Instant Infestation as mkii
Nickname Wee Flaudia's Fluffy Ear Muffs as ffem
Nickname Banishing of Loquacious Spirits as bls
Nickname Biddy Amble's Bee Buzzer as babb
Nickname Delusions of Grandeur as dog
Nickname Goodie Whemper's Apple Divination as gwad
Nickname Gammer Tumult's Amalgamator as gta
Nickname Banishing of Prying Eyes as bpe
Nickname Granny Beedle's Cooperative Credits as gbcc
Nickname Granny Benedict's Bond of Loyalty as gbbl
Nickname Granny Lipintense's Layer of Lard as glll
Nickname Hag's Blessing as hb
Nickname Jorodin's Magnificent Communicator as jmc
Nickname Mama Blackwing's Potent Preserver as mbpp
Nickname Mother Harblist's Fruity Flyer as mhff
Nickname Mother Twinter's Yarrow Enchantment as mtye
Nickname Nanny Revere's Traitorous Talisman as nrtt
frimble end of spell nicknames & cast alias

Stop copying here /\/\/\/\/\

Created by Nacia. 31/5/2009


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