Witch caravan

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Wandering the streets of Djelibeybi, the witch caravan serves as a mobile cottage-like location for witches in Djelibeybi.

Inside are Lip-bibh-khin and Khin-bin-lap, two witches that seem obsessed with the Pharaoh.

Lip-bibh-khin is a fortune teller.

Khin-bin-lap teaches the squinch method of squinting to witches that speak djelian well enough.

The caravan features a shelf with three large red bottles, a stove, a trough filled with water and a grinder. One can find a jar of honey and a majmar amongst the clutter.

Spotting the caravan

While the caravan is on the move, look for messages at the bottom of the actual room description (not in the object/people section of the room description).

When stopped, the caravan looks like:

There is a curious caravan stopped here.

When moving through the location, it looks like:

A curious caravan is moving along the road.

As it starts to move, it looks like:

The caravan jolts to a start and with thundering hooves it vanishes north in a trail of dust.

Then when it leaves other locations:

The caravan rumbles off south.

When it enters a location:

A <boding/odd/curious/ancient> camel caravan thunders in from the southwest.

When it enters a location and stops:

A dusty camel caravan thunders in from the north, and comes to a rest by the road.

Finding the caravan

The caravan does not have fixed stops, but appears to stop after moving for twenty rooms. The caravan follows a simple looped route.

Route of the Curious Caravan
  • West on Market Street through Deity Lane
  • Tsort Road
  • Temple Street
  • Avenue of the Pharaohs
  • Square of Ancestors
  • Road of the Sun
  • Ibis Parade
  • Scarab Walk going east
  • Road of the Sun going south
  • Ephebe Road
  • Avenue of the Pharaohs
  • Through the west bazaar and loops back at Market Street.