Witch caravan

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Wandering the streets of Djelibeybi, the witch caravan serves as a mobile cottage-like location for witches in Djelibeybi.

Inside are Lip-bibh-khin and Khin-bin-lap, two witches that seem obsessed with the Pharaoh.

Lip-bibh-khin is a fortune teller.

Khin-bin-lap teaches the squinch method of squinting to witches that speak djelian well enough.

The caravan features a shelf with three large red bottles, a stove, a trough filled with water and a grinder. One can find a jar of honey and a majmar amongst the clutter.

Spotting the caravan

While the caravan is on the move, look for messages at the bottom of the actual room description (not in the object/people section of the room description).

When stopped, the caravan looks like:

There is a curious caravan stopped here.

When moving through the location, it looks like:

A curious caravan is moving along the road.

As it starts to move, it looks like:

The caravan jolts to a start and with thundering hooves it vanishes north in a trail of dust.

Then when it leaves other locations:

The caravan rumbles off south.

When it enters a location:

A <boding/odd/curious/ancient> camel caravan thunders in from the southwest.

When it enters a location and stops:

A dusty camel caravan thunders in from the north, and comes to a rest by the road.

Finding the caravan

The caravan does not have fixed stops, but appears to stop after moving for twenty rooms. It stops fours times per circuit, with each stop moving back two rooms with each trip. The caravan follows a simple looped route.

Route of the Curious Caravan
  • West on Market Street through Deity Lane
  • Tsort Road
  • Temple Street
  • Avenue of the Pharaohs
  • Square of Ancestors
  • Road of the Sun
  • Ibis Parade
  • Scarab Walk going east
  • Road of the Sun going south
  • Ephebe Road
  • Avenue of the Pharaohs
  • Through the west bazaar and loops back at Market Street.