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This edition of the Witch Trials has been announced for January 14th at 6 pm GMT to be held in the field with Unlucky Charlie the scarecrow in Lancre.

It is being organized by Quadu.


Initial call

Bulletin Boards: Witchesguild
Witch Trials- Tentative Planning
Note #8 by Quadu at Tue Nov 22 14:02:00 2016 [EST] on board witchesguild
(Ambitious Announcement from a Damp Henne)

Granny has informed me that she's disappointed that not enough Tricks have been shown to her lately, and wishes that we have a bit of a show for each other. I was hoping to begin organizing the next Witch Trials, and was aiming for January 14, (f that works for a good percentage of you all). If you wish to contribute prizes for competitors, that would be much appreciated.

For anyone who hasn't participated before, read about the Trials on the wiki. Please come up with a unique Trick to show off, as complex or simple as you wish. Remember, Unlucky Charlie doesn't mind being put into odd situations, and I think he's a bit lonely lately.

As it gets closer to the date, more will be announced. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you, and seeing all the splendiferous Tricks that we'll share. 

Biddy Quadu, from Hangdog

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Bulletin Boards: Witchesguild
Trials Update
Note #10 by Quadu at Fri Nov 25 14:46:23 2016 [EST] on board witchesguild
Solicitous Salutations, Everyone!

I'm writing to let you know how it's going with planning for the upcoming Trials.

I've been brainstorming with a few other Witches and have come up with the following categories:
Best Mockery, Comedic Tempts, the always popular Best Dressed Fruitbat, and of course Granny's favourite, Tricks.

Tricks can be in several subcategories, so I would like to hear your opinions about where the cut-offs should be for levels of stages.
I was very interested in having one of the options be Poetic Tricks (whether in verse or not, up to you) or as I like to call them, Poetricks-
BUT concern was brought up regarding if that was a set theme for all of the Tricks, as it could be quite difficult to make a 6 stage trick feel poetic. I know not everyone is poetically inclined

It has also been brought to my attention that in years past, there were not many Tricks submitted in the 3 stages or lower category, and that Wette Hennes made the extra effort to create 4 stage Tricks, so the low tier Trick category was unnecessary. 

I would request input from those with opinions, if you think we should do 4 stages+, 5 stages+, and 6 stages+ as the freestyle categories? 

I'm happy to act as MC for the event, unless anyone is enthusiastic about taking that duty.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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Bulletin Boards: Witchesguild
Trials Update
Note #10 by Quadu at Wed Dec 14 21:59:09 2016 [SAST] on board witchesguild

Witches were discussing times for the Trials to occur, and 6 pm GST was a good time for many.

Witches I understand that this is early for our Aussie Witches, but it has a fairly high attendance time over all
please suggest alternate times for 14-January if this time doesn't work for you.

all input is valid and will be taken into consideration for the final decision.
thank you all, and I'm looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible when the event occurs

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Final categories

Bulletin Boards: Witchesguild
Witches Trials Categories and Announcements
Note #10 by Quadu at Wed Dec 28 18:48:33 2016 [EST] on board witchesguild
Come one and all, to the next Witches' Trials!
6:00 pm GMT, January 14, 2017

I am pleased to announce that the categories this year are:
Freestyle Trick 4 stages or fewer
Freestyle Trick 5 stages or more
Themed Trick- "Poetricks" (Poetic Tricks, your interpretation)
Mocking Competition
Fruitbat Fashion Contest
Tricks of the Past as performed by volunteers for purposes of entertainment and preserving Tricks for posterity

Please let me know by tell or by mail if you plan on competing. If you don't know if you will be able to make it, but have a trick you still wish to contribute, let me know and we can orchestrate that.
If you know the name of the Trick that you wish to enter, please let me know. Also, let me know the name of your Bat if you wish to have them enter the competition.
Regardless of the amount of stages in your Trick, enter it! We would all love to see it, regardless of how many stages it has.

Please meet at Unlucky Charlie at the designated time, where the event will be held.

Many thanks to all of the incredibly resourceful and generous contributors to the prizes (including but not limited to Mattias, The Green Slab, Ridget, The Dragon's Nest, and the Illuminated Teapot)
And a personal thank you to all of the talented and creative witches who gave their input on how the Trials should be structured and what you would like to see. 

I am looking forward to seeing all of your wart covered faces and your well-dressed Bats at the trials. 

(Quadu edited this message at Sat Jan 14 16:15:54 2017.)

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Runners up (after Esme)

Freestyle 1-3 Stages
  1. Natalolly's Nut Cracker
  2. Mothergoose's Tarantella
  3. Spip's Ridiculously Short Trick With An Unnecessarily Long Name As You Can See!
Freestyle 4+ Stages
  1. Quotid's Elemental Trigger
  2. Sorae's Feather Friend and Kundry's Elemenal Tea Time
  3. Ridget's Courageous Corvids
Themed Tricks - Poetricks
  1. Quadu's Autosarcophagal Victual
  2. Quotid's Ovide Ode and Spip's Spoetrick
  3. Mothergoose's Elemental Haiku and Sorae's Warbling Song
Mocking Competition
  1. Spip
  2. Ridget and Mothergoose
Fruit Bat Parade
  1. Sorae's Ayris
  2. Mothergoose's Jennywren
  3. Natalolly's Deshoulières

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Tricks in Hilta Goatfounder's stall

Bulletin Boards: Witchesguild
Re:#1 Witches Trials Categories and Announcements
Note #5 by Quotid at Wed Jan 4 10:31:01 2017 [EST] on board witchesguild
On Thu Dec 29 01:48:33 2016 [SAST], Quadu wrote:
> Come one and all, to the next Witches' Trials!
> 6:00 pm GMT, January 14, 2017

Wotcher Dearies!

In an attempt to preserve all the tricks being created this year,
I am volunteering to educe and cast them. This will hopefully make
them generally available by order from Hilta's stall.

Please mail or give me a stone (or two in case I mess up) with your trick in.

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Assassin Guild Library

Bulletin Boards: Witchesguild
Re:#1 Witches Trials Categories and Announcements
Note #6 by Riannon at Mon Jan 9 21:19:20 2017 [EST] on board witchesguild
As Librarian of the Assassins Guild, I'm starting a new category in the library for player run events. Later today the first book in the category, results and submissions of the Inaugural Winstanleigh Greville-Pipe competition, will hit the shelves. I hope that one or more of you fine ladies will take upon yourselves, the task of recording this years trial for posterity in a book for the library. I would like to be able to add such a work and hope that it will be possible for future trials also.

Riannon Wolfsrudel

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Bat cave

Bulletin Boards: Witchesguild
Re:#1 Witches Trials Recruitment
Note #7 by Borealis at Fri Jan 13 17:58:44 2017 [EST] on board witchesguild
On Fri Jan 13 02:09:29 2017 [GMT], Quadu wrote:

> It has come to my attention as the Organiser of this event that we need to
> recruit a wizard

Or you could leave your fruitbats in the bat cave[0][1] with the very smartly dressed Albertus[5] during[4] the trials.

[0] Conveniently located north of the fallow field.

[1] Shaun Ogg should remove the barrier that otherwise prevents access to the bat cave shortly[2] before the trials start[3].

[2] For some value of shortly that I know and you don't. ;)

[3] Based on an event in the event listing that is called something like "[The] Lancre Witch[es] Trial[s]".

[4] Due to the risks entailed in interfering with the nature of causality, Verence requires that Shaun replace the barrier at some time after the trials have completed.

[5] Yes, we now have a bat cave with an Albert[us].

Note, should the owner of a bat stray from the fallow field, Albertus will no longer care for that bat, but will instead send it to seek its owner.

Life is a process of finding out how far you can go, and you can probably go too far in finding out how far you can go.
(Borealis edited this message at Fri Jan 13 22:58:44 2017.)

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Thanks and stored tricks

Bulletin Boards: Witchesguild
Re:#1 Witches Trials Categories and Announcements
Note #8 by Quotid at Sun Jan 15 02:07:26 2017 [EST] on board witchesguild
On Sat Jan 14 18:15:54 2017 [SAST], Quadu wrote:
> Come one and all, to the next Witches' Trials!
> 6:00 pm GMT, January 14, 2017

Woo! A wonderful event - thank you Quadu for herding ca^H^Hwitches.

Thanks also to the witches who participated - your tricks, mocks and bats were amazing!

Thanks also also to everyone who came to watch.

And lastly thanks to Borealis for the wonderful bat cave.

I have managed to get Hilta to stock the following tricks:
Sister Sorae's Feathery Friend
Quadu's Autosarcophagic Victual
Sister Sorae's Warbling Song
Spip's Ridiculously Short Trick With An Unnecessarily Long Name As You Can See
Spip's Spoetrick
Spip's Mind Wipe
Mothergoose's Tarantella
Natalolly's Nut Cracker

If your trick isn't on the list, please let me know.

Bulletin Boards: Witchesguild
Re:#2 Witches Trials Categories and Announcements
Note #9 by Quotid at Sun Jan 15 02:17:26 2017 [EST] on board witchesguild
On Sun Jan 15 09:07:26 2017 [SAST], Quotid wrote:
> I have managed to get Hilta to stock the following tricks:

And Wee Ridget's Courageous Corvids

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