Witch Trials, 2010-02-27

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This edition of the Witch Trials were held in the field with Unlucky Charlie the scarecrow in Lancre.

It was organized and hosted by Caya.

It started around 9:06 pm GMT on Saturday February 27th and lasted until approximately 12:28 am GMT on the 28th.


Winners chose their prize amongst those in the category they won in order, skipping those who were absent who got what was left.

Monetary prize

In addition to object prizes, there is also a money prize awarded.

For each competition the first place the winner gets 35 royals
For each competition the second place winner gets 30 royals
For each competition the third place winner gets 25 royals
For each competition those who came after the previous gets 10 royals

For ties, the monetary prize is divided.


There will also be a raffle for all participants (picking from a hat in real life) of a few other prizes and hats to be distributed.

Tricks freestyle 1-2 stages

First place: Esmeralda Weatherwax's trick

First place after Granny: Qiuyan's Brew A Plot

prize: A small compact and 20 handfuls of purple powder

Second place after Granny: Magdalena's My Storm Dragon

prize: A bronze helm

Third place after Granny: Dirka's Huggly Kittens

prize: A furry Pinkfish doll

Tricks freestyle 3+ stages

First place: Esmeralda Weatherwax's trick

First place after Granny: Nefret's Storm In a Teacup

prize: A moonstone ring that is a permalight

Second place after Granny: Tie between Almarna's The Summoning Of A Carriage and Phujuu's Biddy Laurel's Critter Courtier

prize: Phujuu chose the flat cap, Almarna couldn't be there but got a charged Worm sword

Tricks themed category: Valentine's day

First place: Esmeralda Weatherwax's trick

First place after Granny: Almarna's A Valentine's stroll

prize: She couldn't be there but got 2 thief's daggers with scabbards

Second place after Granny: Sesheta's Arrow and Beau

prize: A pair of iron (str) gauntlets

Third place after Granny: Elspeth's Elspeth Loves Mancow

prize: A prize set of 8 charge blue ring, elegant ring, and blue crystal brooch

Mocking Competition

First place: Esmeralda Weatherwax's innate ability to mock others

First place after Granny: Tie between Dirka's dodging mock and Frazyl's watching mock

prize: While both offered the first choice to the other, a decision had to be made.
Dirka won the guess closer to the number game and chose a prize set consisting of a 11 charge blue ring, bubble earrings, and an elegant ring

Third place after Granny: Frazyl's abjuring mock

prize: Since she won both tie and second place, she got both remaining prizes: A pair of black leather (dex) gloves and a chocolate sword

Fruitbat competition

First place: Esmeralda Weatherwax's invisible bat

First place after Granny: Nefret's Frank N Furter

prize: 2 tiger fangs

Second place after Granny: Frazyl's Ablyss

prize: A prize set of 1000 smelly seeds and 1000 sugar lumps

Third place after Granny: A three-way tie between Magdalena's Fhtagn, Dirka's CamelOfTheSky and Mothergoose's Muffet

prize: A grflx set divided amongst the winners to be settled later

Last revised announcement post

Bulletin Boards: Witchesguild

Witch Trials 2010! There's still time!

Note #20 by Caya at Sun Feb 21 22:24:51 2010 [EST] on board witchesguild

Wotchers all! This is a repost since it is near scrolling off! This also includes the update about mocks! This is not limited to only skilled witches! Newbies can also participate!
Witch Trials are set for Saturday, February 27 at 21:00 GMT! They will be held in Lancre Town where Charlie hangs in his lonesome (awww). Here are the time conversions for some time zones:
Pacific time (ex: California) - 13:00 or 1:00PM on Saturday, Feb 27, 2010
EST (ex: New York, New Jersey) - 16:00 or 4:00PM on Saturday, Feb 27, 2010
GMT (ex: London) - 21:00 or 9:00PM on Saturday, Feb 27, 2010
Sydney, Australia - 8:00AM on Sunday, Feb 28, 2010
So! If you have an entry, please mudmail me by the 22th confirming you want to make something (give specific details of categories) and the 26th for the name of the trick/fruitbat and skill for mock with the rest of the details needed (see below). I can take last minute entries, but please don't force me to do so many last minute ones. :(
We have many amazing sponsors that I huggle lots and lots for not making me empty my bank account! Please thank Nattick, Grin, Geryon, Staria and the AM Daily, citizens of Djelibeybi, Fole and the Illuminated Teapot, and Ixtlan of the Tanglefoot Trading Company for the lovely monetary donations! Also thank Nut, Frazyl, and Dextar for donating some prizes, too!
This year's trials will be somewhat different from the previous trials. We will have 3 competitions!

Tricks (only 1 freestyle trick and 1 themed trick max!)

Freestyle 1-2 stages
Freestyle 3+ stages
Theme (any amount of stages)
---This year's theme is: Valentine's Day

Mocking Competition (2 mock submissions max!)

Freestyle (there were not enough submissions, so I changed the category)
Only rule is that you need to mock a valid skill. You can't just mock something like Caya-ing or something.

Best-Dressed Fruitbat

There are no categories and it will be freestyle. Even though it says best-dressed, it can also be what they are carrying, their name, etc. It is possible that a person will vote based on everything they see!
I am aware there are witches who believe in only having naked bats, but it is all for good fun! You can even submit your naked bat if you want! We shall just have a competition where people will vote for the bat they like the most (traditionalists can vote on traditional nakedness)!

Your name, the competition you are entering, and, depending on the competition:
Tricks: name of the trick, what category you are entering in, summary of what your trick is about
Mocks: what category, what skill you are mocking
Fruitbat: name of fruitbat
There may be changes in the competition due to how many we have that participates this year. Please stay tuned for updates! If this gives you any motivation, the plan is that first place will get at least 10 royals IN ADDITION to an item of choice! We will go by order of who wins to get the prizes. Also, applicants will still get a reward if they do not win!

Caya HikosaSan
Is in over her head >_<
(Caya edited this message at Mon Feb 22 03:24:51 2010.)

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