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Wimpying is the process of automatically or involuntarily leaving the current room (leaving through the "backwards" exit by default), usually as a deliberate process triggered by having low hitpoints when in combat. Both players and NPCs can wimpy; in the context of players, 'wimpy' also describes the percentage of HP at which they player will start doing this.

Setting the wimpy level

A player can set their wimpy level either by using the 'wimpy' command, or through 'options combat'.

The wimpy level can be set anywhere between 0% and 30%, and is displayed in the score command. If wimpy is set to zero, then this is displayed as being 'in brave mode'.


Whenever a player is hit and their current hitpoints are below the wimpy proportion, they will immediately and automatically attempt to leave the room. This has advantages and disadvantages.


  • Wimpying temporarily puts the player out of harm's way, potentially allowing them to escape and recover if they take further action.
  • In periods of heavy lag, an automatic wimpy may allow a player to escape from peril whilst they are unable to manually intervene with any surety.


  • Wimpy can be disorienting, as it causes a sudden and unexpected change of location; thus, it can sometimes be worse than a less timely, but better planned retreat.
  • Almost all NPCs will follow players who leave the room within a couple of seconds, thus the reprieve is temporary at best.
  • Some NPCs or players may pursue, in which case wimpy will not remove the player from danger.
  • The XP from kills is scaled down in proportion to the wimpy level.
  • Wimpying may be fatal in and of itself if the exits are trapped, enemies are waiting in ambush, or the exit taken is off of a sheer drop.

Forcing and preventing wimpy

Targets can be forced to wimpy (irrespective of their actual wimpy level) by:

Targets can be prevented from wimpying by:

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