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Command information
GP Cost 15 to prepare, and an extra 20 per target
Learnt At 40 fighting.special.weapon and enough uses of the berserk command
Skills Used Fighting.special.weapon and fighting.melee for the weapon used
Items Needed A two-handed sharp or blunt weapon
Guild Warriors

Wildswing is a warrior-only command used during combat that will launch an attack on two or more opponents at once. It is gained at 40 levels in fighting.special.weapon and after berserking a total of 20 times (if you've already berserked 20 times before the introduction of the command, the command is gained upon the next berserk).

If successful, the warrior will launch a powerful attack on multiple opponents during a round. Number of targets attempted to hit depends on the warrior's fi.sp.we ability, and is capped at a maximum of 5. The efficacy of attacks depends on fi.me for the weapon.

If one of your swings is succesfully blocked by a shield-bearing opponent, the wildswing may be completely disrupted, causing you to lose all the following swings.

Wildswing can only be used with two-handed weapons which are at least 1/5 sharp or blunt. This means that unless you have nonstandard arms, you can do this to simplify the command:

alias wildswing wildswing with left weapon

Since a two-handed weapon will always occupy your left hand unless you have been enchanted by the right spell(s), this suffices and lets you change weapons freely.